Atlassian Licenses – We can help!

As we talk with teams about helping them on projects, one of the topics that comes up most often is Atlassian licenses. If you’re already using an Atlassian tool or two, you already know that Atlassian expects you to enter in a credit card number when you order your license. When your team is small and you have a simple environment, this can be a convenient way to buy your license and get up and running quickly. However, when you are responsible for the purchase of the entire Atlassian tools suite plus a variety of add-ons, it quickly becomes an impossible task to order all of your licenses via your credit card!

As an Atlassian Platinum Solutions Partner, we are also license re-sellers. Coyote Creek has a variety of services around Atlassian’s licenses, and all are designed to simplify your Atlassian experience. Here’s what we can do for you:

  1. Extend payment terms that allow you to order your licenses via a purchase order. What finance department doesn’t like that?
  2. “Co-term” all of your licenses. This pro-rates your licenses and moves all licenses to a single renewal date. You can say goodbye to monthly license renewal payments! Even those new add-ons you want to purchase will automatically get co-termed in.
  3. Manage the entire renewal process for you. When your licenses are due for renewal, we’ll let you know.
  4. Manage payments for add-ons that sell via Atlassian’s Marketplace and don’t. So you have a single vendor that you work with instead of having to manage multiple relationships with vendors selling $500 add-ons!

Need a TAM? Premier Support? Something unusual? Just let us know. We’re here to help!

Oh… I almost forgot to mention, this service is completely free whether you originally bought your Atlassian licenses from Coyote Creek or not! Your cost is exactly the same as it would be if you entered your credit card in on Atlassian’s web store. Who says there’s no free lunch?