How Well Are Your Teams Using Your Atlassian Tools?

The more your teams use your Atlassian tools, the more efficient your processes become and the more your organization benefits from their investment in the Atlassian tools. But how can you tell how well your team members are using JIRA, Confluence or other Atlassian tools? How can you determine where there’s room for improvement, so you can provide the extra coaching that people need?

When an organization asks for business intelligence regarding their use of Atlassian tools, we recommend eazyBI. eazyBI is a Jira add-on that lets you easily pull metrics out of Jira and other databases, and graphically chart that information in a way that transforms it into meaningful business intelligence. In short, it lets you find out exactly how well your group is using Jira, Confluence or other tools.

You can use eazyBI to quickly create a wide range of custom Jira reports, charts and Jira Dashboards — and then, from the report, dig down into the very issues that feed the report. These reports can be displayed securely in Confluence or on Jira or eazyBI Dashboards.

Using eazyBI to see how well you’re using your Atlassian tools

While there are many uses for eazyBI, we recommend that you use it whenever you want to measure your performance in using Atlassian tools.

For example, one of our clients wanted to get their project usage metrics out of their systems and into one place. They wanted to see the status of issues in each project, how complete these issues were, how much work was left to finish the project, and more. Using eazyBI we were able to give them exactly what they wanted, from one large-scale, company-wide report that provides a birds-eye view of the entire company, all the way to detailed reports that dig down into the business units and the very issues themselves.

eazyBI gives you a world of graphical options for presenting your data. For example, here are two from eazyBI’s own documentation site:

  • Burn Down Charts – How well are your teams that use sprints performing in them? A burn-down chart shows you how quickly issues are being resolved by your teams. The example below is provided in the eazyBI documentation. They provide a functional Sprint Burn-Down report for you to manipulate and change. While this chart depends on Story Points, it can easily be adapted to use hours instead. How many issues or tasks did the team or a given team member start with at the beginning of the sprint, and how many are still unresolved at the end of the sprint?In general, the Burn-Down chart should look like a right triangle. That is, it should show a pile of issues at the beginning of the week being resolved to zero issues at the end of the week. It ends up looking like a right triangle. When the tasks are assigned the bar will be really big. As the sprint moves on, that bar should get shorter each day, until it eventually approaches zero to indicate that all of these tasks have been addressed.
  • History of Issue Statuses– How many issues are in what status from week to week? What state are your issues in from week to week?eazyBI’s documentation provides a functional History of Issues Statuses report that you can experiment with and change on the fly.3

Need help creating other reports?

While creating charts really is easy with eazyBI—after working with it for just a few hours most people can create very detailed and meaningful reports quite simply—knowing what to measure and how to best present it sometimes takes some experience. If you need help making the most of eazyBI, or any other Atlassian Add-ons, we’re here for you.