7 Reasons Why I Love eazyBI

Customers often ask me for a reporting system that will let them easily pull metrics out of JIRA, Confluence and Bamboo, as well as out of other databases that are unrelated to the Atlassian tools. They want to interrelate that data and get meaningful metrics so they can know how well they are using their Atlassian tools and what type of return they are getting on their Atlassian investment.

My recommendation: Use eazyBI. eazyBI is an easy-to-use JIRA plug-in that lets you pull metrics out of JIRA or any other database and then graphically chart this data in a way that transforms it into useful business intelligence.

Here are 7 reasons why I love eazyBI:

  1. eazyBI is a very visual tool. eazyBI provides a large range of graphical options, all of which can be dynamically changed on the fly from one chart type to another. But the graphics eazyBI creates are much more than just “pretty pictures.” They’re visual aids that make it easy to quickly see trends, relationships, patterns and status. Plus, they can be created in a way that allows users to dig down into the chart to take a close look at the details.
  2. eazyBI has a lot of functionality out of the box. Yes, there’s a great deal of sophistication built into eazyBI, and you can customize it however you want to produce your own data results. But many organizations find that this is not necessary, because right out of the box eazyBI gives them the ability to produce the reports they’re looking for.
  3. eazyBI is easy to learn. The learning curve is just a few hours, after which you’ll be a wiz at creating very detailed and meaningful reports.
  4. eazyBI is not just for JIRA. When installed as an add-on in JIRA, eazyBI has its own database. Yes, one of the most common uses for eazyBI is to see how well teams are using JIRA and other Atlassian tools. But the reality is, eazyBI can also be pointed at whatever data source that you want to pull information from, from JIRA and other Atlassian tools to Connect Wise, Salesforce or any other database application.
  5. eazyBI doesn’t have to be installed in your system. You can install it as an add-on in JIRA. And you can also use eazyBI by logging into https://eazybi.com and creating a web-based account.
  6. eazyBI can be used as an Atlassian security auditing tool. If you have all of your Atlassian tools installed on servers and have access to the associated databases, you can point eazyBI at those databases to pull logging and audit metrics for analysis.
  7. eazyBI can be used to monitor Atlassian’s own external JIRA. Point your eazyBI instance at Atlassian’s external JIRA (https://jira.atlassian.com/). This JIRA is used as an interface for users to follow issues with the Atlassian software. We can see the bugs they’re currently working on, for example, and track the Atlassian team’s progress towards fixing them. If you point eazyBI at Atlassian’s JIRA (and narrow down what is pumped into eazyBI by using a JQL statement), you can keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening with the Atlassian tool by producing meaningful graphic reports. This includes monitoring the status of high-risk problems, filtering by product type, and more.


Looking to answer some fundamental questions about how you are using your Atlassian tools, knowing that more usage implies a better return on your Atlassian investment? A good reporting system would give you the transparency and facts you need to make key decisions and provide transparency for your teams. I know, you might be thinking, “yeah, I can write SQL statements, pull this information from the database and create a web interface to display this data. Simple.” But what you might not be thinking about is that the hidden costs of maintaining such a site are large. Keeping the SQL up to date, development, maintenance, security, and producing meaningful reports through business logic can be costly and time consuming. You might be wondering if there you can get this data in a simpler, more meaningful and less costly way. The answer is yes: eazyBI.

With eazyBI you can tap directly into your databases and feed the data into an application that has out-of-the-box reports for databases. You can quickly customize these reports, define custom code for this data, and secure this data. All by using eazyBI. Using eazyBI removes the hidden costs associated with creating your own reporting system. It also provides users with a self-serve option for producing their own reports in a secure way.

The truth is, eazyBI is an amazing and very powerful tool that I really love. If you have not yet done so I highly recommend that you take a good hard look at this tool, and see what it can do for you. You’ll be very pleasantly surprised by the results!