Finding the Right Recruiter For You

finding the right recruiterFinding the Right Recruiter

By: Nikki Motas
Senior Technical Recruiter

If you’re in the market for a new job, finding the right recruiter can be vital. The ideal recruiter acts as your personal sales person, helping you get a position that is a terrific fit for you. Working with the wrong recruiter, however, can be a big disappointment and a terrible waste of your time.

When you’re choosing a recruiter, you are essentially choosing a partner for your job search. Don’t settle for just anyone! Learn how to screen recruiters to ensure it’s a good match.

Finding the right recruiter for you often boils down to taking a close look at the following things:

  • Focus – You want a recruiter who focuses on your industry.
  • Experience – How many years of experience do they have as a recruiter? How much of this has been in your industry? If you’re looking for an entry-level position, an entry-level recruiter is probably just fine. But if you’re looking for a senior or specialized role, it is best to work with a seasoned recruiter who has extensive connections and deep knowledge of the employers in your area.
  • Work load – How many active candidates and positions does the recruiter usually work with at once? You want to be sure that they have the ability to find a job for you, but don’t have so much on their plate that your job search is likely to slip through the cracks,
  • Track record – How many people has the recruiter successfully placed in your field in the past six months? What’s this look like on a “percentage of people worked with” basis?
  • Connections – Take a look at the recruiter’s LinkedIn profile. How many connections do they have, and how many of them seem relevant? Check the recruiter out across other social networking platforms, too, such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+. What can you learn about them?
  • Professionalism – While you’re checking out the recruiter’s LinkedIn profile, pay attention to how they present themselves. Do they have a professional-looking photo? What’s the “experience” section say about their job history? Is the profile full of typos, spelling mistakes or grammatical errors? If their profile shows a lack of attention to detail, this does not bode well for their ability to pay attention to the important details of the recruiting process.
  • Integrity – Quite often your first contact with a recruiter is when they’re reaching out to you. When this happens, always ask how they found you. If they claim that so-and-so recommended they call, check with this person to see if the recruiter’s statement was true. After all, if a recruiter is not transparent up front, chances are this is how they’ll be throughout the entire process.
  • Knowledge – If the recruiter is describing an actual job opening to you (such as in the situation where they’ve reached out to you), pay close attention to how they describe it. You want to know if they actually understand what they’re recruiting for! A good recruiter will be able to go beyond the skills listed on the posted job description to tell you what you would be doing with these skills, what the culture is like within this organization, how many people are on the team, who you’d be reporting to, and more.
  • Sincerity – When you speak with this recruiter, do you feel like it’s an open dialogue? Finding the right recruiter means finding a recruiter who is sincere, will actually listen to you, and wants to get to know you. Do they ask you what you want to do, and what your ideal job would look like? Remember, there’s much more to finding the right job than matching up skill sets. You want your recruiter to know you, your interests and your working style well enough to be able to make a good match on all other levels as well.

Finally, if all of the above check out, don’t overlook the importance of your connection with the recruiter. This needs to be a person you can successfully work with. Do you “click”? Do they seem warm, sincere and trustworthy? Do they sound intelligent and seem to know what they’re doing?

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