How to Easily Add Jira Service Desk Project Approvers

When someone requests access to the system, needs new hardware, etc., it’s a common business practice to require an approval from someone higher up (Jira Service Desk Project Approvers) in the organization than the requester. Jira Service Desk understands this and comes with a built-in approval system. With a little setup you can add “Approved” and “Declined” options to any Jira Service Desk project workflow.

Here’s how to set up the request so that the person submitting the request will need to select their manager, who will then become the Jira Service Desk Project Approvers. To use this process you must have Jira Administrator permissions. These steps can be followed in both Cloud and Server instances of a Jira Service Desk project.

  1. Get startededit1111
    1. Go to the Project Settings.
    2. Click on “Issue Types.”
  2. Open up the workflow
    1. Click on the name of the Workflow to which you want to add an approval process (I chose ARP: Service Request Fulfillment workflow for this Jira Service Desk project).
    2. Click the “Edit” button to enable workflow editing. 
  3. Add the approval process
    1. Click “Add a Status” and call it “Waiting for approval” (there should already be a selection for this).
    2. Click “Add” but do not click the checkmark for “Allow all statuses to transition to this one.”
    3. If you want to make the approval process the first step in the workflow after it is created, place it at the top of your visual diagram.
    4. Select the “Create issue” line and click (hold) to drag the dot to the top of the “Waiting for approval” box. You will then be asked if you want to do this. Choose “Yes,” as we will be adding transitions that will connect to the rest of the workflow.
  4. Connect the approval process to the rest of the workflow
    1. Click on your new “Waiting for approval” box and choose “Add transition”
    2. Change the “To” status to “Waiting for support” and the Name to “Approved.” Then click “Add.”
    3. Click on “Add transition” and change the “To” status to “Resolved,” the Name to “Declined,” and the Screen to “Jira Service Desk Resolve Issue – 2″‘ (or any other screen that has the “Resolution” field). Click “Add.”       
  5. Create a way to cancel this request
    1. You can also add a transition that will enable a Jira Service Desk user to cancel the request if it is done by mistake. Click “Add transition” and change the “To” status to “Canceled,” the Name to “Cancel request,” the Screen to “Jira Service Desk Resolved Issue – 2” (or any other screen that has the “Resolution” field). Click “Add.”
  6. Add the approval process to the workflow
    1. Make sure “Waiting for approval” is still highlighted and then click the “Add approval” checkbox to the right.
    2. Enter the following settings: Get approvers from=Approvers, Consider approved after=1 approval(s), Transition when approved=Approved, Transition when declined=Declined.
  7. Publish the workflow
    1. Be sure to first make a backup copy of your original workflow.
    1. Go back to the Project Settings and click on “Screens.”
    2. Edit the screens being used for the Issue Type for which you want to require approvals. Add the “Approvers” field if it is not already part of these screens.
    3. In the Project Settings, go to “Request types.” Choose the “Edit fields” option for the desired request type (We chose “Request new hardware”).
    4. Click “Add a field” and put a check mark next to “Approvers.” Click the “Apply” button.
    5. Click the pencil icon next to the field name “Approvers” and change it to “Who is your manager?” At the same time, change Required from “No” to “Yes” and then click “Update.”



Congratulations! You are now set.

Now when a user opens a ticket from the Customer Portal using the Request Type you have chosen, the system will send an email to the user’s Manager and ask that they review and approve the request.

If you need help with this, or with implementing Atlassian tools for any other purpose, give us a call. As Atlassian Platinum Solution Partners, we have the expertise you need for any Jira Service Desk project.