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By: David Sokolowski

Solutions Architect

Administrator Considerations

Often users or admins will want to change more than one ticket at a time. This is called a “bulk change.”

Bulk change is a great option to offer users who may be in super user roles (scrum masters, project managers, product owners/managers, etc.), who may find themselves having to change a lot of tickets at the same time.

There are many reasons why an admin may need to create a Jira bulk change issue:

  • Change assignee/reporter of multiple issues (people changing role, leaving company, etc.)
  • Move issues from one project to another
  • Transition issues that were stuck in wrong workflow status
  • Delete test tickets once testing of a new project is done

Jira Bulk Change Issue- Emails

There is an option at the end of the bulk edit process that allows you to send emails to all users associated with the issues being changed (per the appropriate Notification Scheme). When deciding whether or not to send emails, be aware of how many emails would be sent and whether or not most users even care that the change is being made. The need to communicate the associated change to the user may be mitigated by the sending of many emails (dozens, if not hundreds) to users that don’t care about the change, clogging inboxes and creating confusion. 

Jira Bulk Change Issue- Permissions

Bulk change has its own global permission, available under the system section of the Administrator panel. Using this process, you can add groups to the required action:

  1. Select Global Permissions from Jira Administration > Security >  Global Permissions
    Jira bulk change issue
  2. From the Global Permissions section, you can manage existing Bulk Change groups:
    Jira bulk change issue
  3. At the bottom of the page, you can add specific groups to the Bulk Change permission:
    Jira bulk change issue

Bulk Changing Operations

You can select from the following types of operations:

  • Edit Issues
  • Move Issues
  • Transition Issues
  • Delete Issues
  • Watch Issues
  • Stop Watching Issues

Reference page from Atlassian documentation: 

Jira Bulk Change Issue

The following instructions outline the overall process for bulk changing, but not the specifics for each option.

Steps for bulk operation:

  1. Find the issues you want to change via an issue filter
  2. From the Issue Search page, select the Tools > Bulk Change: All IssuesJira bulk change issue
  3. From here you will follow a four step process
    1. Choose Issues
    2. Choose Operations
    3. Operation Details
    4. Confirmation
  4. Choose Issues: From the Bulk Operation page, select all the issues you wish to change > NextJira bulk change issue
  5. Choose Operations: Select the type of bulk operation you needJira bulk change issue
  6. Operation Details: This will allow you to select the details pertinent to your requestJira bulk change issue
  7. Confirmation: This final screen will allow you to confirm the actions you are takingJira bulk change issue
  8. Send email updates. You have the option when completing the bulk update whether or not to send emails (per your notification scheme)

Jira bulk change issue

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