How to change Jira Dashboard and Filter Owners

By: David Sokolowski

Solutions Architect

Administrator Considerations

Jira dashboard and filters each have a single owner. JIRA allows administrators to change the Jira filter owners and any Jira dashboard within the admin console.
There are many reasons why admins may be asked to change the owners of the Jira dashboard and filters:

  • Users are no longer in charge of the data (leave company, change roles, etc), so someone in a new role needs to take over the filter/dashboard
  • Admins need to take over the filter/dashboard to fix/edit/update how the data is displayed
  • Organizational changes put new team members in groups and shift how data will be queried

Before changing dashboard and Jira filter owners, follow these guidelines to ensure the transition works correctly:

  • Confirm that users aren’t still using the filters/dashboards
  • Confirm that new owners have proper permissions, which can break the visibility of filters/dashboards

Changing Jira Dashboard and Filter Owners

Follow this process to change Jira dashboard and filter owners:

  1. Jira Administration > SystemJira Dashboard
  2. Shared Items > Shared filters / Shared dashboardsJira Dashboard
  3. Search by Dashboard or Filter name and/or ownerJira Dashboard
  4. Select admin gear at right > Change OwnerJira Dashboard
  5. Change Owner: Name of Dashboard > select new ownerJira Dashboard
  6. Select “Change owner” button
  7. The Owner is now changed
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