Jira Service Desk Tips with RefinedWiki

The days of Atlassian products being used by only technical users are well and truly gone. Atlassian Marketplace app vendors and Atlassian Partners such as Coyote Creek have been a large contributor to this change by producing apps and advanced customizations with improved interfaces and functionality.

Jira Service Desk is one such Atlassian platform that a significant number of non-technical users engage with. Jira Service Desk is designed for teams who receive incoming issues and requests from other teams, customers and end-users. For many years at RefinedWiki, one of our core focuses has been to make Atlassian apps user friendly and usable for both technical and non technical users. This experience has given us a solid grounding for setting up Atlassian apps to work for all users, and especially end-users. We share some of our best practice Jira Service Desk tips on how to set it up in an optimal way.

Jira Service Desk Tips:

Tip #1: Set the context

Use titles, logos, images, brand or team colors and design to set the context on a Jira Service Desk. The user should not have to think twice about where they are. On a default Jira Service Desk, this can be done by changing the header color, and the site logo. Using RefinedTheme you can fully customize Jira Service Desk customer portals by applying your brand design, titles, appealing layouts and navigation icons.

Key features used: ThemeEditor, Layout Editor and Content Modules.

Tip #2: Understand what your users are looking for

In order to engage with users, it’s important to get an understanding of the content they are searching for. This way you can feed users answers and help them before they take the next step of asking for help. As Atlassian puts it, “Help customers help themselves”. Default Jira Service Desk displays suggested knowledge base articles when searching. RefinedWiki extends the search function by displaying both suggested articles and recommended links. Jira Service Desk agents can add recommended links from anywhere on the web and in the admin section get analytics on how often these are being clicked.

Key features: Recommended Links, Search Highlight Module.

Tip #3: Display quick links to useful content

Once you have a good understanding of the content users are often searching for, consider adding it as a quick link to the Jira Service Desk Customer Portal. RefinedTheme includes a content layout editor with a collection of content modules to choose from. This gives you the capability to display in top view, the content that matters to the users. This could be a quick link to file a ticket, a status update, or a list of knowledge base articles which can pop up in frame (rather than switching context). The content modules also includes an HTML module which the Coyote Creek experts can use to implement what you need.

Key features: Layout Editor, Modules.

Tip #4: Tailor the service desk to your users

Users will be more likely to adopt Jira Service Desk and use it effectively if the content is relevant to them. Jira Service Desk provides a clean, clutter free interface from which finding relevant information is straightforward. RefinedTheme takes this further and provides a clean and branded interface, where certain content can be restricted to designated users and not to others. As an example, this means Astrid from the HR department, when visiting a Service Desk would see knowledge base articles that are relevant to the HR department, while Rose from IT won’t see these. What’s more, with the My Requests content module, Astrid can have his open requests displayed on a customer portal for only him to see.

Key Features: Content Module – My Requests, View Permissions.

As a way of actioning these Jira Service Desk tips, put yourself in the your users and ask yourselves these four questions to optimise a Jira Service Desk to work effectively for all users:

  1. What page am I on? Set the context on a Jira Service Desk.
  2. Am I finding the answers I came for? Understand what users are looking for.
  3. Why should I bother looking here for my answer? Use a clean interface and display what matters first to the user.
  4. Is this answer helpful to me? Make the answer relevant to the user.


Need help with more Jira Service Desk tips or any other Atlassian issue? Please feel free to view all of our Atlassian services, fill out our contact form or give us a call. As Atlassian Platinum Solution Partners, we have the expertise you need for any Jira Service Desk project.

RefinedWiki have been making theming apps since 2008. Their theming expertise extends to Confluence and Jira Service Desk on both Cloud and Server.