Have you outgrown your existing single server hosting instance? Are you in search of a more robust solution that combines high availability, redundancy, and scalability within the Jira product suite? If so, then a Jira Data Center deployment on Amazon Web Services (AWS) is for you. Watch this webinar on demand to see what it takes to make a seamless transition to Jira Data Center on AWS.

What You’ll Learn in This Webinar:

  • The considerations, requirements, and pre-deployment checks you need to make prior to deployment to ensure a smooth transition.
  • How to deploy rapidly with Atlassian’s templates for AWS.
  • How to utilize AWS Quickstart and native features to enhance your database performance and reliability.
  • What option provides three times higher throughput and 99.999999999% durability of your instance.

And if you need assistance for your deployment, Coyote Creek can help.

About the Presenters

Matt Starr
Atlassian Practice Manager
Coyote Creek

About Matt
Matt Starr joined Coyote Creek in 2013, bringing a strong and extensive background in the software development life cycle and the Atlassian Tools Suite, as well as software development experience in multiple programming languages, including C#, C++, Java, Cobol and even Smalltalk. He has designed and implemented large scale Atlassian tools environments utilizing Jira, Confluence, JIRA Agile and integration with other tools since coming to Coyote Creek. His strong communication skills and experience working with teams has led to many successful Atlassian tools implementations.

Matt’s 10+ years of development and Configuration management experience includes work with a broad array of companies and architecting an entire software development life cycle structure for multiple organizations. He also has 10+ years of experience administering Atlassian tools to provide a secure and trusted release cycle. Process flows that Matt designed and implemented for clients in 2010 to provide successful application development and release using Atlassian tools as well as other third party applications, is still being utilized today.

Kevin Lynch
Sr. Atlassian Engineer
Coyote Creek

About Kevin
Kevin Lynch has been working with complex Atlassian environments since long before Data Center even became an option. Organizations in a broad range of industries, from shipping and advertising to software development, manufacturing and more, have all benefited from his broad expertise. They have also appreciated the fact that Kevin’s Bachelor of Science degree is in information security, giving him a deep understanding of how to ensure that the data in these Atlassian applications remain secure.

Outside of work, Kevin is an enthusiastic gamer whose livestream feed has close to 25,000 followers, and an avid bicyclist who chooses not to own a car.