Planning to Migrate to Atlassian Cloud?

Here are the considerations you need to make?

You’ve heard all the advantages to choosing Atlassian Cloud to host the product suite that’s become mission-critical to your enterprise organization. You know that:

  • With their cloud option, Atlassian will get you up and running in minutes. No need for manual setup.
  • You can save costs on the support, maintenance, and housing of physical hardware storage that you’d have with Server or Data Center.
  • When new features or product versions are available, updates are automatic so there’s no need to manually configure upgrades.
  • You can access your Atlassian product suite remotely so employees can keep their deadlines even if they aren’t onsite to work.
  • Your data is safe and sound with Atlassian’s rigorous security protocols and extensive testing for vulnerabilities.
  • Your ability to scale is immediate whenever traffic or resource demand spikes.

But, it’s important to understand that not all cloud migrations are created equal. That’s why we’d like to invite you to watch our webinar on demand to learn more about how to plan a migration to Atlassian Cloud. Take a moment and register to watch this webinar—Is Your Organization Atlassian Cloud Ready? What You Need to Know.

Until then, let’s run you through all the considerations you need to make to plan the right approach to an Atlassian Cloud migration for your organization.

Atlassian Cloud Migration Planning Considerations

Understanding the costs

While there is no cost to migrate, you’ll want to calculate your overall migration costs prior to making the move.

Jira and Confluence for Cloud are offered as a subscription service that you can opt to pay for monthly or annually. Unfortunately, a server license can’t be rolled into a cloud subscription. Aside from the free versions which are recommended for smaller organizations or those looking to try it for the first time, Atlassian also offers standard and premium plans.

For enterprise organizations looking to get the most out of their product suite, their premium subscriptions will get you:

  • Unlimited storage
  • a 99.9% uptime SLA, and
  • 24/7 Premium Support

As a final note on cost considerations, you’ll want to remember to factor any of your Atlassian Marketplace apps into your cost considerations.  You can use their cloud pricing calculator to estimate your total cost for migrating or their cost comparison guide.

Review security and compliance

With Atlassian Cloud, your security, reliability, compliance, and privacy are managed for you by Atlassian. Security is built into the fabric of their cloud products, infrastructure, and processes, so you can rest assured that your data is safeguarded. Atlassian products are designed for high performance and availability and built on best-in-class core technologies like AWS, so your organization can scale confidently and securely.

Atlassian is committed to meeting the highest bar for personal data privacy and supports your organization in meeting data privacy obligations around the world, including GDPR and Privacy Shield. Additionally, Atlassian undergoes independent third-party audits to certify their products with SOC2, ISO 27001/27018, PCI DSS v3.2, SAQ A, and more.

If you’d like to learn more about Atlassian’s cloud security and compliance programs to compare them against your organization’s requirements, you can get more info here.

Cloud applications

If you’re interested in using Atlassian mobile apps to collaborate on the go without the added step of signing into a VPN, Atlassian offers free Confluence and Jira Cloud mobile apps.

In addition, the Atlassian marketplace also offers over 1,000 applications and integrations that will extend the functionality of your products. These include free integrations with leading SaaS productivity and collaboration tools like Slack and Dropbox, and subscription-based licensing of some of the most beloved server apps.

In some cases, the cloud version of a product includes functionality that is fulfilled through an app on Atlassian Server, but this app assessment guide will help you to review your current apps in comparison to what is offered through Atlassian Cloud so you can be prepared.

Atlassian Access

For single sign on and enterprise-grade identity management Atlassian Access is your centralized management and administration tool for all your Atlassian cloud products.

Atlassian Access offers company-wide visibility, security, and control across your entire cloud infrastructure. With it, you get access to:

  • Enhanced security with SAML SSO, password policies, and more
  • User provisioning and user lifecycle management
  • Integrations with identity providers like Okta, Azure AD, OneLogin and more to automatically sync your Active Directory

To learn more about Atlassian Access, go here.

How Does Cloud Compare to Server or Data Center?

If you’re next question is, “How does Atlassian Cloud compare to it’s Server or Data Center hosting options?” We have a great resource you can check out here, that will help you understand how these three options differ in terms of their features, functionality and maintenance requirements.

Here’s a helpful chart that breaks down the options, in terms of their features, in a nutshell.

Atlassian Cloud Atlassian Server Atlassian Data Center
User Mgmt Check box Check box Check box
SSO & Identity Atlassian Access Atlassian Crowd Atlassian Crowd
Security Check box
Atlassian Hosts Check box
Data Storage Check box
Privacy & Compliance Check box Check box
Enterprise Release Check box Check box
Auto Updates & Fixes Check box
Apps & Integrations Cloud apps Server apps Data Center apps
Plans Free, Standard, Premium Standard Standard
Billing Subscription Software License Subscription
Upgrades/Support Check box 12 months Check box
Add’l Support Check box Check box Check box
User Limit 5,000 Unlimited Unlimited
Pricing Per user or Tiered Tiered Tiered
Academic Discounts Check box Check box Check box

Get Started with Atlassian Cloud

When you’re ready, Atlassian offers a free extended cloud trial to explore and assess cloud over time to make sure that it’s the right fit for your organization.

And we hope that this Atlassian Cloud migration planning guide has helped you to begin mapping this big move for your organization. However, we understand that for some organizations, the complexities of hosting requirements go beyond what can be explained in a single document.

If you’re looking for an expert, white glove approach to your migration, please contact us to set up a consultation today! We’d love to help you through this process and optimize your infrastructure for best practices so that you’ll be up and running on the right foot.

At Coyote Creek, as an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, we know it’s the human connection that makes the difference in all that we do.