3 Ways Universities Are Becoming More Agile in Higher Education

Many higher education institutions have made a name for themselves by utilizing the vast amount of talent walking their halls to innovate in the areas of technology, medicine, and community development just to name a few. In fact, they sometimes can’t evolve quickly enough to support the amount of revolutionary ideas that are being built within them.

Colleges like Arizona State are now taking a beat from enterprise tech companies by searching for new ways to improve workflows to better support the rate of their innovation. If you’d like to read more about ASU’s experience using Atlassian to support their strategic initiatives, you can find their case study here.

In this post, we’re going to expand a bit more on how universities like ASU are adopting agile workflows through the Atlassian Suite to better support thought leadership initiatives

1. Agile in Higher Education – Create a modern workflow that can scale to support strategic initiatives

Where the siloed nature of other project management tools can actually undermine the efficacy of your universities IT department, Atlassian incorporates everything you need to continue to move the needle forward.

Jira Software, can be used not only for project management, but also for network administration, customer service, marketing, bug tracking and reporting. Alongside Jira, is Confluence which can support project planning and collaboration of large teams, as well as instructional documentation and status updates.

In addition to their product suite, Atlassian also has an application marketplace with over 1,000 applications that help you to customize your environment and expand the capabilities of your Atlassian products. One such example is Tempo, an application that helps teams to visualize big-picture project impact and serves as a time tracking tool and billing solution.

2. Agile in Higher Education – Develop a 360 IT service and support management model

With the Atlassian product suite and apps, universities can develop a complete management model to support every facet of your IT goals from onboarding, to project management, to customer service and billing.

By creating an onboarding method that incorporates product training, you can quickly enable new teams to begin developing an environment that will support their projects and process needs. The functionality of the Atlassian toolset can also allow you to service and support your customers seamlessly.

All teams can benefit from the increased efficiency and optimized workflows that an agile workflow allows, not just your technical teams. Marketing, campus recreation, and community development, to name a few, can also benefit from an agile workflow.

3. Agile in Higher Education – Use reporting capabilities to measure project performance and efficiency

With the reporting capabilities of tools like Jira and applications like Tempo, you can measure how the work of your teams is measuring up against overall goals as well as gain insight into their capacity as a team. This is helpful to keep your team members performing optimally, and further refine processes to gain efficiencies.

Teaching work-life balance and preventing burnout is also an important skill to learn early on in the higher-education environment. Time tracking can assist in monitoring team members to ensure they are working within scheduled working hours and maintaining healthy work habits.

Atlassian products have made their way into Universities, helping to boost productivity and efficiency through agile workflows. Atlassian products like Jira, and Confluence, and Atlassian Marketplace apps like Tempo are helping technical and non-technical teams alike to be more agile and keep the pace to support innovation.

Atlassian products are not siloed solutions that simply project manage, they are full circle, 360 degree tools that improve every area of IT service management including the people who use them. Reporting abilities help to ensure team members are performing at an appropriate capacity to keep them productive, reduce burnout, and balance work with university life.

Atlassian Cloud solutions help large and growing teams save time and boost their productivity without sacrificing reliability, data privacy, or tprm compliance. If you’re considering, or interested in implementing an agile workflow in your environment, we can help you navigate the transition.

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