Arizona State University - Cloud Journey

Atlassian Brings Agility to Higher Ed

Arizona State University, one of the largest universities in the United States, has been named #1 in innovation for the past four years.

Today, ASU is pursuing new educational strategies that will integrate data-driven decision making and provide more opportunities for students to turn innovative community solutions into technical realities.

To head up their ambitious goals, ASU brought on a Chief Information Officer to increase the institution’s capacity for serving students and nurturing ideas by implementing an agile transformation across the University.

Nathanael Davis, Director of Business Support and Quality Assurance for ASU’s IT department, hit the ground running with an in-depth evaluation of a variety of workflow solutions. Among those considered was the Atlassian product suite.

Read on to learn more about their experience with Atlassian and how it supports ASU by enabling them to create a modern workflow that can scale with their strategic initiatives.