When to Use Jira Cloud Migration Assistant

The Jira Cloud Migration Assistant is an app designed by Atlassian to help companies migrate from Jira Server to the Jira Cloud. In one simple flow, you can move projects, users and groups from your Jira Server instance into a Jira Cloud instance with valuable user insights and project filtering to help you decide what should move and what should stay.

However, it’s important to know that using this migration app isn’t suitable for all migrations. In this post, we’ll review which scenarios are best for Jira Cloud Migration Assistant and which are not. Furthermore, we will offer alternative suggestions for those that aren’t suited for the migration assistant.

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Until then, let’s take a look at who should use Jira Cloud Migration Assistant.

Best Use Cases for Jira Cloud Migration Assistant

# 1 If Atlassian Support has recommended you use it

If Atlassian has recommended that you use Jira Cloud Migration Assistant for your migration, there is a good probability that you can use it. However keep in mind that unless support has thoroughly vetted your system issues may still arise.

Note: Complex installations of Jira shouldn’t use Jira Cloud Migration Assistant. – If you are using a complex installation of Jira, meaning you’re heavily reliant on multiple custom field types, customized workflows, numerous applications, or you require retention of Jira Software’s Agile functions (i.e. boards, sprints, ranking, etc.) it’s not likely that Atlassian, or Coyote Creek would recommend you use Jira Cloud Migration Assistant.

# 2 If You’re Migrating Jira Software or Jira Core Server to a new Jira Software or Jira Core Cloud Site

The Jira Cloud Migration assistant is for users with Jira Software or Jira Core Server sites who intend to migrate to a new Jira Software or Jira Core Cloud site. Unfortunately, it does not yet work for Jira Service Desk or Jira Data Center. You can find the latest information on what can and can’t be migrated with the migration assistant here.

Note: You must be using Jira Software or Jira Core Server 7.6.0 or newer – You may still be a candidate, but you’ll need to upgrade to Jira 7.6.0 or later. We recommend upgrading to the latest version of Jira supported by the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant prior to migrating to reduce your chance of problems.

Other Important Considerations for Jira Software and Jira Core Server Migrations

It doesn’t overwrite or delete any data – When the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant migrates your data, it won’t delete anything from either your server or cloud sites. It essentially just copies it over to your new cloud site.

All users and groups are copied every time- Each time you migrate your server instance, Jira Cloud Migration Assistant will copy all your users and groups and send them to your cloud site as a way to be sure they are migrated correctly. Duplicates will not be re-migrated.

# 3 If You’re Migrating Jira Server projects or users and groups to Jira Cloud

The Jira Cloud Migration assistant is for users who want to migrate some or all of their Jira Server projects, users and groups to Jira Cloud. Unfortunately, it does not migrate some custom fields yet. You can find the latest information on what can and can’t be migrated with the migration assistant here.

What Gets Migrated?

Jira Software project data

  • Issue rank
  • Epics (epic link)
    • Epic name
    • Epic color
    • Epic link
    • Epic status
  • Issue history (including some custom fields)
    • Epic Name
    • Epic Color
    • Epic Link
    • Epic Status
    • Issue rank
    • Original Estimate
    • Remaining Estimate
    • Flagged
    • Components
    • Environment
  • Sprints
  • Versions (affects versions, Fix versions)
  • Filters associated with boards being migrated
  • Boards connected to only one project that is being migrated

Jira Core project data

  • Project details:
    • Name
    • Key
    • Project type
    • Project category
    • Description
    • Project lead
    • Default assignee
  • Project roles
  • Issue types
  • Issue type scheme
  • Issue type screen scheme
  • Workflows scheme
  • Field configuration scheme
  • Workflows – basic links to the correctly migrated workflow scheme with status and transitions
  • Workflow functions
    • Validator: permission,
    • Condition: permission, allow only reporter
    • Post Function: update resolution field, assign to current user, assign to reporter, assign to lead
  • Screens schemes
  • Screens
  • Status category
  • Permission schemes
  • Issue security

Issue data

  • Summary
  • description
  • Issue type
  • Status
  • Priority
  • Resolution
  • Labels
  • Reporter
  • Assignee
  • Due date
  • Subtasks
  • Some custom fields
    • Text
    • Date
    • Number
    • Time
    • Labels
    • Select List (single choice)
    • Checkbox
    • User Picker (single/multiple)
    • Group custom fields
    • Multi-line text
    • Radio button
    • Environment
  • @mentions
  • Watchers/ Votes
  • Issue links (including link types)
  • Attachments
  • Comments
  • Comments with security
  • Story points
  • Time spent
  • Issue history
  • Issue work log

Jira Software Boards 

*connected to projects selected in the migration (boards linked to more than one project will not be migrated)

  • Boards
    • Name
    • Administrators
    • Filter & permissions
    • Location
  • Advanced board settings
    • Column names & status mapping
    • Quick filters
    • Swimlanes
    • Sprint permissions
    • Card colors
    • Time statistic / estimation

Users and groups from active directories

  • Jira Core and Jira Software users, and Jira Service Desk agents only
  • Deleted users from server are migrated as “Former user”. Only deleted users connected to the projects being migrated will be created in cloud.
  • All groups in active directories

What to Do If You Can’t Use Jira Cloud Migration Assistant

As we stated previously, some complex Jira installations should not be migrated with Jira Cloud Migration Assistant. This app is best suited to organizations that are using out-of-the-box server instances and plan to do the same in Jira Cloud.

While Jira Cloud does not allow system administrator access to create custom scripts like it does in Server or Data Center, it does have a powerful REST API that can be used for external integrations if needed.

If you have a lot of custom scripts or are using numerous Jira Server apps, you may want to consider having an Atlassian Partner, like Coyote Creek, assist you with your migration to make sure your migration is conducted properly.

So, if you feel that it would be best to have an expert team guide your migration and optimize your infrastructure, please contact us and we’ll set up a time to chat about what we can do to support you and your team.