5 Reasons Subscription-Based Platforms Are Scaling With Atlassian Cloud

As most technology teams know, scalability is about having the right resources and effectively leveraging them in the best way possible to fulfill the key needs to enable continued growth. Subscription-based service providers know that better than most and that could be the most important reason they are choosing to scale with Atlassian Cloud. But, the benefits don’t end there.

As photography platform, VSCO, grew to two million paid subscribers, they quickly realized they needed a solution that optimized performance, security, and scalability that offered them advanced capabilities. To increase their ability to foster creativity for amateur and professional photographers alike, they chose to scale with Atlassian Cloud. The full customer story is here.

In this post, we’ll expand on why subscription-based service providers like VSCO are scaling with Atlassian Cloud, including benefits like reduce costs, offload maintenance, and the ability to scale with ease without sacrificing functionality or security.

#1 Scaling with Atlassian Cloud Optimizes Collaboration

With Atlassian Cloud, teams have visibility into process flow and can save time spent on administrative tasks. Teams have a high level of transparency and connection through Jira workflows to intuitively and effectively collaborate as opposed to spending hours in meetings every week just going through project updates.

In addition, productivity isn’t limited to when employees can be “in the office.”  Atlassian Cloud also allows organizations to grant access to off site remote workers to maintain momentum without compromising security. Teams can work from anywhere with secure access through cloud mobile apps.

#2 Atlassian Cloud Removes the Burden of Server Maintenance

The resources required to store, manage, and maintain servers are a huge expense to many technical teams. With Atlassian Cloud, organizations who hope to streamline their needs and resources can bypass onsite server storage in favor of Atlassian’s done-for-you maintenance and automated updates, upgrades, and backups. This allows them to direct their focus to delivering value to their customers instead of handling administration.

#3 Atlassian Cloud “Organizations” Streamline User Provisioning

Atlassian also handles security on their cloud platform. They perform rigorous security protocols and perform all patches for you. In addition, they also enable companies to maximize safety for their users through a centralized organization.

With organizations, admins can manage permissions across all Atlassian accounts at their company and enforce security protocols such as SSO and automated user provisioning. This unified identity management system allows teams to apply the same permission models across all their Atlassian Cloud products thereby streamlining system access and partitioning permission as needed.

#4 Atlassian Cloud Premium Provides Reliable Access to Essential Everyday Tools

When you’re supporting two million users, reliable accessibility is a non-negotiable. Teams need to know they can always access their essential tools so that performance is never hampered by an outage. With the 99.9% Uptime SLA that Atlassian Cloud Premium provides, teams don’t have to worry about outages or scheduled maintenance downtime.

When it comes to traffic spikes, with server, teams would have to manually configure the addition of extra server nodes. With Atlassian Cloud, the procurement of inventory and storage is done for you with immediate response to spikes in demand as well as team resource usage.

#5 Atlassian Cloud UI is Flexible and Unobtrusive

Finally, with the new and improved Atlassian Cloud user interface, teams can work intuitively and without the obstruction of other less user-friendly tools. In conjunction with this agility, teams can stay on the cutting edge of technology with the newest features through Atlassian’s automatic upgrades instead of waiting on the administrator to schedule upgrades.

Atlassian Cloud’s 1000+ native applications allow teams to create customized configurations that offer the functionality needed to maximize efficiency and save 100’s of man hours on development, support load and triage priority, asset management, and company wide planning.

All in all, scaling with Atlassian Cloud offers subscription-based service providers, like VSCO, the flexibility they need to work productively and focus their efforts on those activities that directly impact value for their subscribers.

Atlassian Cloud solutions help growing teams of all kinds to save time and boost their efficiency without sacrificing reliability or security. If you’re considering scaling with Atlassian Cloud, we can help you.

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