VSCO Leveling Up on the Cloud

Atlassian Brings Scalable Collaboration to a Rapidly Growing Subscription Based Business

VSCO, a subscription based photography sharing platform, has rapidly grown to over two million paid subscribers around the world with the help of Atlassian Cloud.

As they grew, VSCO realized they needed an agile way to collaborate on projects and scale their business. They also needed a solution that would enhance performance, create a secure environment for users, and equip them with advanced features that could support them as they scaled.

At the helm of this initiative was Sky Frostenson, Director of Program Management who realized that what VSCO needed, was a better way to utilize their existing Atlassian product suite. The answer was to migrate to Atlassian Cloud.

With Atlassian’s done-for-you maintenance, Sky and his team can spend more time focusing on new, innovative ways to foster creativity and prioritize tasks that grow the business as opposed to those that manage processes and tasks.

Read on to learn more about VSCO’s experience moving to Atlassian Cloud and how they were able to reap the full benefits of a mature cloud, from security, to performance, to Atlassian’s automated services.