The Atlassian Guide to Cloud Identity and Access Governance

Atlassian Helps Enterprise Businesses to Understand and Implement a Centralized Cloud IAM Solution

In years passed, on-premise solutions were secured behind a firewall, and access was strictly limited for team members.

As agility obstacles were removed and new applications were created to solve for specific business problems, new security threats began to emerge from multiple APIs and the sharing of data across multiple applications.

Indeed, today’s innovation has introduced a new challenge for modern IT teams: keeping data secure across a wide range of applications.

To achieve the right level of security, organizations must assert greater control over permissions and strengthen access points to protect sensitive assets within the cloud.

Improved IT governance and cloud identity access management (IAM)—is the key to facing this new challenge head-on, and succeeding in enterprise digital transformation.


  • How cloud IAM differs from on-premises server solutions
  • The superiority of cloud IAM in regards to efficiency, automation, and security
  • How to plan for a cloud IAM migration and onboarding best practices
  • How the Atlassian suite fits into your cloud IAM solution