5 Steps to Champion Atlassian Data Center Adoption in Enterprise

In some cases, Atlassian tools are adopted by a singular team within an organization. As that team sees success and new achievements through the collaboration and capability of the Atlassian product suite, word travels.

Often in these cases, other teams begin product adoption and eventually, the organization as a whole must scale to a singular, more elastic instance to support the company as whole instead of individual instances.

When Mitchell International, a smart technology solutions company, was in search of a content collaboration software, they went to Atlassian’s Confluence. Word of Confluence’s capabilities quickly spread to other areas of the organization and adoption increased.

To scale Confluence throughout their organization and maintain their rapid rate of growth, they turned to Data Center. You can read more about their journey in the case study here.

In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at how your enterprise organization can replicate the path Mitchell International and so many others have taken by developing champions throughout the organization who can help to increase adoption. As a result, your organization will see greater collaboration, agility, and growth across teams.

How to Get Full-Scale Adoption of Atlassian Tools in Your Organization

Step 1: Speak with team stakeholders.

The first step in a grassroots adoption campaign is to speak with teams and their stakeholders throughout the organization to assess how they might benefit from the Atlassian tool. In Mitchell Internationals case, it was Confluence.

Understanding each team’s initiatives and challenges will give you the leverage you need to make the case for your tool when the time comes.

Step 2: Establish those stakeholders as ambassadors. 

As you begin talking to teams, you will find those stakeholders who seem to have a more in-depth knowledge of their teams inner workings and needs and are able to communicate those well. These are your champions! You will have to win over your champions first, as you will need their help in convincing their team to demo, and hopefully, adopt the tool

Step 3: Make your case.

Once you have your champion, you now have a foot in the door with the team. It’s at this point that you want to arrange for a presentation where you can showcase the tool’s capabilities and mix in your own personal experiences.

It’s critical though to showcase the tool in a way that is relevant and valuable to that specific team, otherwise, they may not fully recognize the value or commit to the trouble of potentially replacing an existing tool or methodology.

Step 4: Encourage Q&A

Interaction and engagement during your presentation is another key element. Encourage attendees to ask questions at your presentation and be prepared to answer, or find the answer, to satisfy their queries. The more understanding and communication, the more likely your audience is to support a change that might seem uncomfortable, but will ultimately improve their workflows and success.

Step 5: Assign homework.

Finally, be sure to give everyone directives and action items as they leave the presentation. The importance of this is to keep them engaged in the process, otherwise, they might forget your presentation the moment they leave it.

An effective example of this is to have them gather feedback on comparisons with existing software tools. Data is the biggest convincer of all. If they can see for themselves that there is improvement and growth to be gained by the switch, they will be far more likely to accept and support it.

With this methodology, enterprise organizations like Mitchelle International, can encourage and support the adoption of Atlassian tools, like Confluence, within various teams and eventually see a full-scale adoption throughout the entire company. Ultimately, this leads to greater agility, scalability, and growth.

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