Mitchell International’s Grassroots Path to Confluence Data Center

Learn About Their Journey and Tips to Help Your Organization Scale For Growth With The Atlassian Product Suite

Mitchell International harnesses smart technology to deliver solutions that simplify claims handling and repair processes, driving more accurate, consistent and cost-effective resolutions for their customers.

Mitchell’s robust solution and SaaS infrastructure connect its customers in ways that enable tens of millions of electronic transactions to be processed each month for more than 300 insurance companies, 30,000 collision repair facilities, and Property & Casualty industry supply partners.

When Mitchell International needed a way for their software teams to better collaborate on a new platform initiative, they decided to try Atlassian’s Confluence.

The agility they gained through Confluence quickly spread through word of mouth, causing other areas of the business to adopt Confluence as their single source of truth. Confluence quickly became essential to their success and the way teams collaborated.

As their company began to grow, they realized they needed a way to scale their Atlassian product in order to maintain the rate of growth, so they turned to Atlassian’s Data Center to ensure performance.

Read their story and learn tips to help make decisions about adopting tools and scaling for growth.