Access Governance and Centralized Cloud Identity Guide

Implement a centralized cloud identity and access management (IAM) solution

In this guide, Atlassian shares best practices for access governance and centralized cloud identity to keep your company data secure across numerous applications. Discover how to keep your company data secure across numerous applications and  exercise greater control over how your employees use those cloud apps.

In years past, on-premise software was managed behind a firewall and companies worked day to day with just a handful of central applications. Today, however, software teams are choosing their own cloud tools that address specific issues.

This freedom has also increased the usage of APIs to integrate multiple tools which can become a security risk when transmitting sensitive data across multiple vendors.


  • How cloud IAM governance differs from an on-prem solution
  • The benefits of cloud identity and access management (IAM)
  • How to get started planning and implementing a change plan
  • How Atlassian cloud products fit into your IAM approach

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