Blend Brings Transparency and Simplicity to Consumer Finance with Atlassian’s Confluence Cloud

Learn About All the Ways Blend is Using Confluence to Improve Efficiency and Expedite Collaboration

After the 2008 financial crisis exposed the lack of transparency in our financial institutions, Blend decided to create a platform that gave lenders and financial institutions a simpler, more transparent way to lend.

However, as the company grew, sharing information across teams began to degrade productivity as certain teams were missing assets from other teams, and important data was inaccessible.

Realizing the need for a strong collaboration tool, Blend turned to Confluence Cloud. With Confluence, all institutional information is available in a central repository, collaboration is streamlined, fewer meetings are needed and teams are able to focus on creating the best products and experiences for their customers.

Read the full customer story to more about cross-team adoption at Blend and all the ways they’ve been able to improve their productivity and simplify operations with Confluence.

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