How Fugro is Innovating in Energy with Atlassian Cloud Products

Learn How Fugro Has Reduced Overhead and Increased Productivity to Better Serve Their Clients

At one of the premier Geo-data specialists in the world, Fugro is facing exponential growth while also facing mounting environmental responsibilities. With their technology, global power assets are identified and studied to indicate potential hazards and outages so that beneficiaries can monitor and improve conditions and even save lives.

Unfortunately, the disparity between technical and non-technical teams caused both information and tools to be siloed. Additionally, methods for communication ranged from email to chat messages to hand-written notes- not a scalable solution for an organization who had to speed to market. 

Through word-of-mouth and grassroots adoption, Fugro eventually chose Atlassian to automate much of their processes and logistics. Ultimately, they were then able to focus on innovating and enhancing their services to ultimately equip energy companies to mitigate the risk of disaster and prepare for the future.

Read the full customer story to learn more how Furgos’s use of Atlassian tools has allowed them to level up their organization and improve their clients’ businesses as a result.

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