About this Guide

More and more companies are moving to a remote workforce today. For those who work in IT service management, there lies a challenge to modernize and automate incident management processes for remote teams in order to remain agile.

At Coyote Creek we tailor our workflows to reflect our staff and processes so that we can collaborate and work effectively while also working remotely. We use an audit trail of the entire incident management lifecycle so we can analyze post-mortem learnings, improve our processes, keep our clients happy, and ultimately grow our service business. So how do we do this?

In this guide, we outline our method for connecting tools and streamline mobile alert processes to ensure that the right on-call staff member receives an alert, that alerts are organized and prioritized, and that staffers are not bombarded with notifications that eventually lead to alert fatigue.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • Simple ways to improve your IT incident management processes
  • Best practices for using mobile alerts
  • What an effective alert flow looks like
  • How to avoid alert fatigue
  • And much more!

About Coyote Creek

The Coyote Creek team are Atlassian Platinum Solution Partners. In short–we’re IT pros who know Atlassian products inside and out. If you’re unsure about what your needs are, we can help assess your organization’s infrastructure and recommend a customized solution to suit your individual needs.

We offer a full range of Atlassian consulting services to help your teams succeed and simplify your life, including: consulting, project services, technical support, upgrades, and licensing support for the entire Atlassian suite (including plugins).

Our clients turn to us when they need trustworthy outside help to do a project, or when they need the peace of mind knowing their environment is monitored 24×7. We have been successful for over 20 years because we’re clear about what we do AND don’t do, we own our mistakes and fix them, and our ultimate priority is doing what is right, fair, and honest!

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