Changes to Atlassian Server and Data Center Webinar Recap/Q&A

If you weren’t able to attend our recent webinar, “Changes to Atlassian Server and Data Center: Everything You Need to Know to Be Prepared”, we’re happy to provide you a quick recap as well as our Q&A session from the webinar. 

Changes to Atlassian Server and Data Center Announcement Overview

As a commitment to being cloud-first company, Atlassian has decided to end-of-life their Server product line over the next three years as well as make several other strategic changes that can be summarized in the bullet points below:

  • New Server license sales will end on February 2, 2021
  • Server support will end on February 2, 2024
  • Server renewal prices for Advantaged Plans will increase by ~15%
  • Data Center subscriptions will include Native Apps and Priority Support
  • Data Center price increases on February 2, 2021, will include:
    • ~15% for renewal subscriptions
    • New subscriptions:
      • Jira Software DC: +77-140% depending on tier
      • Confluence DC: +59-80% depending on tier
      • Jira Service Desk DC: +30%
      • Bitbucket and Crowd: +15%

Server customers have the option migrate to Atlassian Cloud or Atlassian Data Center products. Which they choose will depend on their needs. 

Why Choose Cloud?

Atlassian Cloud has evolved and significantly improved since it first launched. Over 25,000 developers are now building on Atlassian Cloud thanks to it’s:

  • 5 migration tools
  • 10+ dedicated migration teams across Support, Engineering, Product, and more.
  • 450+ Atlassian Marketplace apps launched in FY20
  • 600+ partners now offering support for your migration (including Coyote Creek!)
  • Free migration trial and Cloud migration discounts
    • 55% off annual cloud subscription if purchased before 7/2021
    • 40% off annual cloud subscription if purchased before 7/2022
    • 20% off annual cloud subscription if purchased before 7/2023
  • Many more improvements on the way

Key Changes for Data Center

For some, Data Center may be a better option – particularly those who have strong compliance requirements. For those organizations, we want to make you aware of some critical changes coming to Data Center. 

  • Atlassian will be adding new native functionality from core Atlassian Apps
    • Jira Software Data Center now comes with Advanced Roadmaps
    • Confluence Data Center now comes with Team Calendars and Analytics
    • Jira Service Desk Data Center now comes with Insight Asset Management and Insight Discovery
  • Priority Support including higher SLAs, faster triage, and faster resolutions
  • Bamboo Data Center (COMING SOON)
  • Pricing increases will begin on February 2, 2021, to reflect the value of these investments
  • Data Center loyalty discounts for 1,001+ licensed users
    • 40% off Data Center subscription if purchased before 7/2021
    • 30% off Data Center subscription if purchased before 7/2022
    • 15% off Data Center subscription if purchased before 7/2023
  • Data Center loyalty discounts for 1,001+ licensed users
    • 25% off Data Center subscription if purchased before 7/2021
    • 15% off Data Center subscription if purchased before 7/2022

Q&A Recap

Q: Why would I continue to pay for Server maintenance?

  • You can’t upgrade if your maintenance is expired.
  • Atlassian will continue to do bug fixes and vulnerability fixes until Feb 2024.

Q: Data Center is too expensive and Cloud is too limiting. What do I do now?

  • Cloud has come a long way. There are multiple Cloud offerings, with plans to allow unlimited users.
  • There are more than 1000 Apps available for Cloud.
  • Many Cloud services natively know how to integrate with Jira Cloud.
  • Storage limits are no longer an issue.

Q: Can you explain more about the migration tools to move Jira to the Cloud?

  • “Big bang” where you migrate all data at once.
  • Cloud Migration Assistant Apps. Have significant limitations, but are getting better all the time.
  • Non-trivial to migrate. You may need to normalize users and make changes to account for differences in Apps.

Q: What about Bitbucket? Is it possible to migrate to the Cloud now?

  • As mentioned, a tool is coming. It’s not here yet.
  • We can migrate the repository data currently.
    • Commits
    • History
    • Tags
  • Pull Request history requires some work, but it’s possible. We have a tool that we have developed.

Q: Now that Server is going away, how long before Data Center goes away?

  • No plans to abandon behind the firewall.
  • Atlassian is investing heavily in Data Center.
  • Recently started publishing roadmaps for Data Center.

Q: If it’s so easy to migrate to Cloud, why would I need your services?

  • If your environment is simple, without a lot of customizations, you can probably use the existing migration tools.
  • Most people choose Atlassian because they want to customize.
  • Some normalization usually needs to happen before migration.
  • Integration with Cloud-based IDP.
  • Things don’t always go according to plan, since Cloud is constantly changing.
  • We do this for a living, so we know the challenges.

Q: We have some apps on our Server environment that are not available on Jira. What do we do?

  • Atlassian hasn’t made it easy for Cloud App developers.
  • This is changing with a new, easier method that will greatly enhance what is possible in the Cloud.
  • New Forge App integration method is coming in Q1 2021.
  • Not immediate changes, but we expect rapid adoption of Forge.

Q: We use Service Desk and I’ve heard it can’t be migrated to Cloud. Is that true?

  • It can be migrated. We have a way.
  • Current Jira Cloud Migration Assistant cannot migrate JSD Projects.
  • Atlassian is working on this.

Q: What is involved in upgrading to Data Center?

  • Can be as simple as updating the license key for the application (single node) and installed Apps.
  • You will be able to expand to multi-node if you choose to.
  • Single node Data Center is supported by Atlassian.

Q: We have 100 user licenses for Jira now. Will there be a 100 user Data Center license?

  • Not currently.
  • Atlassian believes the majority of smaller organizations should be on Cloud.
  • We can review options with you and help you decide what makes sense.

Next Steps

Whether you choose Data Center or Cloud will depend on your needs and business goals. We recommend that you review your options and the resources we have available, compare pricing options, and then select and plan your migration.   

If you’d like more details on the changes coming to Atlassian Server, Data Center, and Cloud products, please feel free to watch our webinar on-demand here. 

If you’d like our assistance in evaluating, planning, and executing a migration, please reach out today.

At Coyote Creek as an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, we know it’s the human connection that makes the difference in all that we do.