FAQ: What are the differences between Jira Service Desk and Jira Service Management?

With all the changes and updates coming to the Atlassian product suite, it’s easy to confuse what products and features are staying, what’s going, and what’s just getting an upgrade.

One of the most recent updates that have users scratching their heads is the announcement of Jira Service Management. While we’re all excited about Atlassian’s new IT service management (ITSM) solution, many have been wondering if JSM will replace Jira Service Desk or if they’ll be two separate applications.

 To set the record straight, we have a quote directly from Atlassian:

“To be fair, it’s not really a “this vs that” scenario, because Jira Service Management includes all the functionality of Jira Service Desk with richer ITSM capabilities. Thus, Jira Service Desk is now part of Jira Service Management.”

In other words, Jira Service Management IS the latest version of Jira Service Desk.  

When did Jira Service Desk become Jira Service Management?

Jira Service Desk was created in 2013 in response to Atlassian’s discovery that 40% of customers were using Jira to handle service requests. 

With JSD, teams were able to create efficient help desk environments that streamlined workflows and reduced the number of man-hours spent on service tickets across departments like technical support, legal, and HR.

In 2020, JSD was given an ITSM facelift to further enhance business teams’ ability to provide exceptional customer service experiences. It was also given an updated name: Jira Service Management (JSM).

What new features does Jira Service Management now include?

In addition to the rich capabilities of the Jira Service Desk we all know and love, like request portals, service catalogs, queues, and SLAs, JSM now includes: 

**Disclaimer – all of these features are not included in both Data Center and Cloud versions.

Modern Incident Management (powered by Opsgenie)

  • On-call scheduling
  • Automated alerts
  • Incident swarming
  • Deep integrations with Jira Software, Bitbucket, and Confluence enable teams to streamline workflows end-to-end, with added features like knowledge bases, to deliver an exceptional, and efficient incident resolution process.

Check out our resources on Opsgenie to learn more.

DevOps Change Management

  • External user management
  • Change management with greater context provided by your infrastructure and software development applications
  • Automated change risk assessments  
  • Advanced approval workflows
  • Deep integrations with popular addons and CI/CD tools such as Bitbucket, CircleCI, Jenkins, and Pipelines

Intuitive Service Experiences

  • Access to Jira’s REST API for greater customization
  • Categorize service requests, problems, incidents, and changes
  • Bulk ticket actions and machine learning functionality that intuitively pairs similar service tickets.
  • More powerful project templates
  • Easier request triaging 
  • Service project automation
  • Simplified customer portal
  • Improved customer language support

By combining these new capabilities with the superior help desk management features of JSD, support teams can remove siloes, work more collaboratively, increase productivity, and ultimately provide a better service experience for end-users across the entire ITSM lifecycle.

What new features are COMING SOON in JSM?

  • Asset management, configuration, and ticketing management powered by a Mindville Insight and Halp integration 
  • Bulk-watching and reordering queues
  • Archiving issues and projects
  • Project-based priority schemes
  • Direct approval of requests via email
  • Importing service level agreements (SLA) configurations from other projects
  • Canned responses in the knowledge base self-service portal
  • Integration with Confluence Server

*some of these features will only be available in Cloud

What IT environments can JSM support?

As Atlassian has announced the end of life for their Server line of products, Jira Service Management Cloud and Data Center will be the only versions offered.

Jira Service Management Product Packaging

Jira Service Management Cloud

In addition to a free version to try as well as a 7-day free trial of their Standard and Premium packages, JSM pricing tiers are as follows:

Standard Premium Enterprise
User limit  5,000 agents 5,000 agents 5,000 agents
Site limit One One Unlimited
Customer limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Support  Cloud support team (Regional business hours) Cloud support team (24/7 Premium support) Dedicated senior team (24/7 Enterprise support)
ITSM Capabilities
Service request management Yes Yes Yes
Incident management Yes Yes Yes
Change management Yes Yes Yes
Problem management Yes Yes Yes
Insight asset & configuration management No Yes Yes
Self-service portal Yes Yes Yes
Automation Yes Yes Yes
Global and multi-project automation No Yes Yes
Email and embeddable widget support Yes Yes Yes
Reporting & analytics Yes Yes Yes
SLA management Yes Yes Yes
Multi-language support Yes Yes Yes
Configurable workflows Yes Yes Yes
Apps and integrations Yes Yes Yes
Knowledge base Requires Confluence subscription Requires Confluence subscription Requires Confluence subscription
IT operations management (ITOM)
Alerts & notifications  Unlimited alerts, unlimited email, and SMS Unlimited alerts, unlimited email, SMS, and voice Unlimited alerts, unlimited email, SMS, and voice
Monitoring & ChatOps integrations Yes Yes Yes
Major incidents per month 100 Unlimited Unlimited
Incident creation Manual Manual, automatic, API, and template Manual, automatic, API, and template
Post-mortems 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Incident command center No Yes Yes
Incident investigation No Yes Yes
Alerts/major incidents data visualization & analytics No Yes Yes
Heartbeat monitoring No Yes Yes
Customer Service
Service Registry Yes Yes Yes
Service status pages Yes Yes Yes
Service dependency Yes Yes Yes
Service subscriptions No Yes Yes
External services No Yes Yes
Service & infrastructure health analysis No Yes Yes
Enterprise Service Management
HR, legal & facilities templates Yes Yes Yes
Password policies Yes Yes Yes
Domain verification & account capture Yes Yes Yes
Session duration management (desktop) Yes Yes Yes
Encryption in transit & at rest Yes Yes Yes
Business continuity & disaster recovery Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Device Management COMING SOON Yes Yes Yes
Audit logs Yes Yes Yes
Anonymous access Yes Yes Yes
Admin insights No Yes Yes
IP Whitelisting No Yes Yes
Sandbox No Yes Yes
Release tracks No Yes Yes
Data residency Coming soon Coming soon Included
SSO, SCIM, Active Directory sync Requires Atlassian Access subscription Requires Atlassian Access subscription Included
Storage & Billing
Storage 250 GB file storage Unlimited storage Unlimited storage
Uptime SLA No 99.9% 99.95%
Org-level billing No No Yes


Jira Service Management Data Center

Data Center pricing starts at $17,200 per year for 50 agents and comes with a free 30-day trial. </span

Features include:

  • Total control of your IT environment
  • Active/active clustering to enable high availability
  • Annual term license + maintenance
  • Optimized for hybrid AWS or Azure deployments
  • SAML 2.0 and OpenID Connect support
  • Atlassian-supported disaster recovery
  • Project and issue archiving for improved performance 

Let Coyote Creek help you get started with your JSM Implementation

At Coyote Creek, we understand that finding the right Atlassian products to meet your business needs is an investment. That’s why we want to help you make the most of your investment with expertly guided migration and integration services for your ITSM solution

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We can also help you to evaluate your current systems and business model to determine what your needs are so you can choose the appropriate JSM licensing and pricing. Additionally, if you’re currently using a Server version of Jira Service Management or Jira Service Desk, we can create a custom migration plan to get you over to either Cloud or Data Center version of JSM.

We’re Atlassian experts, well versed in Jira Service Management as well as other commonly used Atlassian Enterprise tools like Jira Software, Jira Work Management (formerly Jira Core), Confluence, BitBucket, Opsgenie, and more.

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