Enhance Complex Project Plans with Jira Apps

With every new day, the software industry is getting more mature and more competitive. Quality products that meet the exact demands of the customer must also satisfy all the deadlines to be successful. 

You need highly efficient teams with the best strategies and tools to meet the current high productivity and quality standards. Project planning and management are more critical than ever, and most teams have found their perfect solution with Jira. 

Jira is the world’s most popular project management tool that equips agile teams with a wide range of features and product suites for efficient project management. 

With the single Atlassian Jira platform, you can perform project planning, track issues, bugs, plan software releases, sprints, and more. Jira is powerful, but like any other tool, you have to learn the ropes to make the best use of it. 

Here is a simple guide on some of the best Jira Apps you should start using today to manage your complex software development projects. 

Using Jira for Complex Projects

What do you think makes a project complex? Chances are, most of the software projects undertaken by organizations tend to have several complexities in terms of their scale, risks involved, time constraints, human resource management, product lines, platforms, cross functionalities, expanding requirements, resources, and so on. 

Organizations ought to think of the bigger picture every time they start a new software project. This requires a considerable amount of research, planning, and problem analysis which are all a part of the software project itself. 

Every task and work artifact related to the project must be tracked and correctly accounted for. There should also be enough facilities for healthy collaboration throughout the project planning and execution. 

The main challenges that complex projects face are:

  • Collaboration among the various stakeholders and team members involved 
  • Tracking of all work items 
  • Ownership and accountability 
  • Managing complex dependencies 
  • Limited customization opportunities
  • Resource and backlog management

The good news? Your Jira instance can tackle all of these challenges. It provides a unified platform that encompasses a wide range of features to facilitate easier sharing of information and cross-team collaboration. 

It helps track every work document, bug, and issue. It ensures all resources are appropriately assigned a task and keeps track of all the work items. 

You can easily visualize project plans and progress with the help of tools like burn charts,   storyboards, and so on. It makes it easy to implement agile concepts like user stories and scrum planning efficiently and makes it all trackable for post-mortem analysis. 

Best Jira Apps for Complex Projects

There are more than 2500 Jira Apps available in the Atlassian marketplace for various use cases. We understand the difficulties you may face with such a vast number of Jira apps, so we have provided a filtered-down list of some of the best apps for complex projects. 

Time to SLA by Snapbytes Limited (an Appfire company)

Time to SLA empowers you to define and track SLAs with just a few clicks, so you can spend less time manually tracking your SLAs and more time ensuring your customers are satisfied.

Time to SLA’s easy-to-use dashboard allows you to customize your views with color-coded statuses and automatic alerts to let you know when deadlines are approaching. Additional features include:

  • Unlimited SLAs 
  • Custom fields for SLA tracking 
  • Unlimited, customizable calendars to better define split work hours and holidays
  • A real-time countdown timer for issues
  • 25+ JQL functions to narrow search results 
  • Reports and gadgets to enhance SLA monitoring
  • Easy integration via REST


Tempo has a collection of apps that equip you with a set of features that aid you in tracking work hours, billable hours, expenses, and profits. 

Some of the apps that Tempo offers are: 

Big Picture by SoftwarePlant (an Appfire company)

Big Picture includes two valuable apps for anyone following a traditional project management structure and techniques. 

These apps help with manual plan adjustments and support practices like critical path analysis, risk matrices, and work breakdown structure. If you follow a hierarchical model where a project management center directs the other teams and tracks their project execution, Big Picture is a great app to choose.   

Zephyr Squad – Test Management for Jira

This app is a flexible test management solution inside Jira, perfect for Agile teams focusing on Test Design, Execution, and Test Automation. Some of the critical features of Zephyr Squad are:

Improve Test Planning & Execution

  • Link tests to other Jira issue types
  • Plan ad hoc or structured test cycles
  • Customize test execution fields & status
  • Align teams by using Cucumber BDD

Synchronize Test Results

Advance Traceability & Reporting

  • Track coverage with traceability between Requirements, Tests, & Defects
  • Explore your work with JQL
  • Analyze metrics with Jira Dashboards through Agile Boards & flexible gadgets

Structure – Project Management at Scale by ALM Works

Structure provides essential features that make managing multiple parallel projects and shared resources more accessible and more efficient. The add-on allows for tracking, managing, and visualization of project status with features like:

  • Project and portfolio overviews for Jira users
  • Infinite depth Hierarchical organization of Jira issues 
  • Monitoring the aggregate progress of all Jira projects 
  • Integration with Structure-Gantt add-on, which is a Gantt chart implementation for your project plannings. 
  • Visualize projects and issue dependencies and relationships. 

Automation for Jira 

Automation for Jira helps you automate project planning without going through the hassle of learning the Jira API. It has over 40 features that provide a wide range of functionalities, which can be used without scripts or the Jira API. 

Some of the features provided are: 

  • Triggers to automate all kinds of tasks 
  • Subtasks and parent task synchronization 
  • Copy from existing issues 
  • Commenting on issues 
  • Automatic issue assignment 
  • Automate recurring issue creation 
  • Auto-response for known defects 
  • SMS notifications for high priority issues 

How Coyote Creek Can Help You Get the Most from Jira

Complex projects can be challenging to manage. Project managers can use all the help you can get to meet your production requirements and develop a quality software product. 

Investing in an expert partner who can help you with the optimized use of your Jira software tool can be a great idea to save up on the extra time spent on trial and error. 

Coyote Creek is a Platinum Solution Partner that can give you valuable insights into all Atlassian products. In addition to migrations and Atlassian licensing, we also do co-termination to optimize the best pricing. 

We can evaluate your existing infrastructure to understand and recommend the best tools and environments to meet your goals today and as you grow. Contact us to learn more.