Five Reasons You Need Catalyst Atlassian Managed Applications Service

Organizations across all industries now rely on the Atlassian suite of collaboration tools to better organize, manage, and digitally transform their business for better efficiency and productivity. 

Whether it’s software development, project management, or cross-team collaboration, their critical business objectives depend on the availability and reliability of their Atlassian tools.

To keep their mission-critical tools functioning optimally and prevent degradation over time, many teams enlist end-to-end managed services of their Atlassian tools. Doing so can help to reduce downtime, costs, complexity and increase ROI for your Atlassian investment.

As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner ourselves, we are proud to share that we have launched a new subscription-based consulting service to help you get the most value from your Atlassian toolset. 

Introducing Catalyst: Coyote Creek’s New Atlassian Managed Applications Service

With a Catalyst Atlassian Managed Applications Service you can truly unleash the power of the Atlassian tools.  Our proactive Catalyst service offers dedicated consulting hours each month which cover a variety of services aimed at proactive management and maintenance of your Atlassian environment.  Even more vital than the hours of consulting and support, your Catalyst subscription includes a dedicated person resource: The Client Success Manager.

Proactive support and continual improvement are the primary objectives of the service.  Our Client Success Manager will begin by working with you to build a backlog of improvement and consulting tasks.  As we’re building this backlog of remediation and improvement tasks, we are also implementing best practices to improve and optimize your environment. While your account is being onboarded to the Catalyst Subscription, your Client Success Manager is getting better acquainted with you and your infrastructure and empowering you to get the most from your Atlassian toolset. 

While our comprehensive list of services covers a wide range of proactive tasks that will help optimize your Atlassian software and expand adoption of your tools to other non-IT departments, they aren’t typically what first brings a client to Coyote Creek.

That’s because, unlike most subscription-based support models, Catalyst transcends the “break-fix” mentality and goes beyond to proactively find areas for improvement and paths to help our customers get the most value from their Atlassian tools.

When our clients come to us with an issue, we will perform an analysis, talk to stakeholders, and establish a list of activities beyond just solving just the short term issue.  The proactive approach will ensure that remediation is handled quickly, but also that repeat issues are minimized and best practices are being established and preserved.

Five Reasons to Opt for Catalyst vs. a “Break-Fix” Consultant

Why did we choose to make Catalyst proactive rather than most traditional reactive services? Ultimately, this path is far better at achieving long-term sustainable success, increased productivity, and reduced costs over conventional help desk-style services. 

Specifically, this translates to five key benefits for the clients:

  1. Continuous ImprovementWith Catalyst, we create a roadmap of improvements and a backlog of remediation tasks.   Having a proactive partner ensures that your Atlassian tool usage is always improving.
  2. Extend your BenchYour dedicated Client Success manager is your primary technical and strategic advisor for your Catalyst engagement.  Begging the Client Success Manager, there is a team of seasoned SME’s ready to help you overcome any challenges you bring to the table.  Instead of straining your existing IT Support team, you can leverage our guidance and experience to build a better practice.
  3. Keep Users Focused
    Team members should focus on their key business objectives and goals, and not be monopolized by managing tools and administration woes. With Catalyst managed consulting, we can help you ensure your staff is dedicated to their core functions while keeping your tools functioning well and always improving.
  4. Reduce your costs
    We understand that your Atlassian tools are an investment.  We believe the best way to steward your investment is to decrease the total cost of ownership by proactively maximizing the value they deliver.  With Catalyst, the cost of hiring dedicated engineers can be mitigated.  Your Catalysts subscription helps avoid governance and best-practices mistakes can lead to costly remediation later on.
  5. Increase your agility
    With a Catalyst subscription, you can be sure to leverage new functionality and features quickly, scale workflows and projects to meet new needs faster, and focus on continuous improvement and optimization rather than reactive maintenance and damage control.

Four Use Cases for Catalyst Atlassian Managed Applications Service

Now that you understand the difference between Catalyst and other services, let’s take a look at four of the key use cases that we’ve seen in our current client base.

  1. Post Project Support For clients that come to Coyote Creek in search of assistance planning a migration or a large-scale IT project, we’re often asked to stay on board after the project to ensure that the new infrastructure is implemented according to best practices.We iron out any kinks in the deployment, implement any additional enhancements or modifications our clients have requested, and keep their instance hygiene in good standing.
  2. Administrative Support Some of our clients have existing DevOps or IT staff that aren’t being used to their full potential because they’re too busy keeping the lights on to achieve their core objectives. In this case, Coyote Creek can come alongside the organization to support those lower-level administrative duties so that your team can focus their attention on more mission-critical tasks.  You can shift to being more strategic than tactical.
  3. Organizational Adoption In other instances, our clients have one or two teams already using their Atlassian tools and need help increasing organization-wide adoption of the tools. In this instance, Coyote Creek can support you by talking to other areas of the company about how they can leverage the Atlassian suite, particularly for non-IT and non-engineering use-cases like employee onboarding, HR, facilities management, and marketing.
  4. Strategic Planning Some of our clients are simply looking to improve their Atlassian infrastructure but don’t know where to start, or where performance delays are coming from. Coyote Creek can come in and analyze your infrastructure. We’ll identify problem areas and provide a prescriptive list of action items that we can deploy over a period of time with your subscription hours.  Would it be much nicer to have a defined roadmap for your agile evolution?

So, ready to learn more about Catalyst? Schedule a meeting now