Moving Forward the Atlassian Way: Next Steps Once You’ve Migrated to Cloud

If you’re planning a large-scale Atlassian implementation, you may be wondering what happens after go-live. Will the users adopt the new product, or are you facing a multi-million dollar mutiny? They say the grass is greener on the other side, but sometimes it takes a look over the fence to confirm for yourself. 

There is a level of uncertainty after any change. Despite having access to new features and updated user interface, using Atlassian Cloud is going to look and feel different from server, datacenter, or any previous application you may be used to.

Just like any big change, many businesses want and need post-implementation management to ensure a smooth transition and adoption by all users.

But what exactly is post-implementation management, and what does it entail?

What Is Post-Implementation Management?

In this case, management means addressing users’ questions, driving adoption, and establishing best practices for long-term use. You’ll want the system to work for you long after the final user is migrated, and this is the time to establish boundaries and ensure everyone is on the same page. 

Executing this phase is a dedicated management team. No matter if you outsource to platinum partners like Coyote Creek, or resource internally,your management team should be composed of Atlassian experts and IT veterans with varied skill sets. This includes engineers, Atlassian administrators, and communication experts. 

Why is Post-Implementation Management Important?

Often several best practices go overlooked when teams implement Atlassian projects. Practices such as governance, change management, technical support, user access, and standardized workflows are essential for ensuring Atlassian works for your team long-term. Any system can be implemented, but what matters is how the user base utilizes the system you set out for them. 

Consider the following benefits:

  • Optimizing your tools to best practices lowers your total cost of ownership.
  • It empowers you to meet your strategic goals effectively because your management team will handle maintenance and optimization so your core team can focus on tasks that grow the business.
  • It helps you avoid costly downtime due to underlying optimization issues that may have been unaddressed. 

Post-Implementation Management Checklist

To ensure your post-implementation management experience is as smooth as possible, here are a few factors to ensure are included in your management package.

Select a Management Team With Qualified Professionals

When signing up for post-implementation management, ensure that your management team has the most qualified staff. The professionals should have varied skillsets and should be well-equipped to handle your project plan. Remember- you want to ensure you’re covering all basis, from communication to system administration.

Coyote Creek’s Catalyst Managed Application Service provides a dedicated Client Success Manager and a team of experts to ensure your transition is completed smoothly. Our service fosters a meaningful understanding of your use cases, environments, and teams. 

Aim for Proactive Support, Not a Break-Fix 

It’s essential to keep your instance optimized to not degrade over time. To do that, you must ensure that your management team not only assists you in solving any technical issues but also helps you out with technical guidance and optimizing functionality proactively before issues arise. 

While most management services operate around a reactive “break-fix” troubleshooting, Catalyst is a proactive subscription for delivering Atlassian consulting services that will help you plan for the strategic evolution of your Atlassian tools. 

Ensure You Get The Support You Need

In today’s Always-On environments, you want your management team to be available when needed. Ensure that your team provides around-the-clock support. A minute of downtime could prove to be costly and disrupt your workflow.

With the bonus of committed response times and available 24/7 support with our premium management plan, your Catalyst team members develop a long-term relationship that helps you deliver continuous improvement while allowing you to focus on the business objectives that matter. 

Get Started With Coyote Creek Catalyst 

Implementing Atlassian tools boosts productivity and streamlines project management. However, to make the best out of the Atlassian tools, you must have the expertise and experience to utilize the tool to its fullest extent.

However, often these tools go unutilized. Lack of best practices wears down the system until it becomes over configured and mismanaged. 

But the Catalyst Managed Application Service is different. 

We take care of your Atlassian tools and propose a strategic evolution, ensuring all your needs are met over time. 

Our post-implementation management team consists of various technical resources with many years of experience at your disposal whenever needed. Our Client Success Manager and other technical staff are available for you with committed response times.

Whether you need functional and technical guidance or assistance regarding administering the right Atlassian tools – our Catalyst team is here to help you out. 

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