5 Reasons You Should Buy Marketplace Apps Through a Trusted Partner 

Almost all SaaS software providers have an online “marketplace” where enterprise customers can directly find and purchase the cloud apps they need for their business requirements and use cases. Atlassian is no exception, and the wealth of apps and vendors available on the Atlassian marketplace highlights a number of app vendors promising countless benefits. 

However, purchasing directly from the marketplace can be a complicated, time-consuming, and overwhelming process. Whether it’s trying to figure out the type of apps that your organization requires, or the app vendors that will best meet your needs, making informed purchasing decisions often means working with a trusted partner that can provide app recommendations after fully assessing your Atlassian environment and your business needs and use cases. 

In addition to these app recommendations and license management, working with a trusted partner like Praecipio/Coyote Creek brings with it a host of other benefits — including support, training, migration assessments, and consulting tailored to your organization’s needs.

Identify the right solution for your specific business needs

Experienced partners provide both technology and business expertise that enable them to understand their clients’ business needs, goals, and challenges. More importantly, they translate these needs into technical requirements and suggest the best possible app to satisfy those requirements and ensure that you meet your strategic objectives.

Moreover, the best marketplace partners offer “agnostic” advice, meaning they don’t push a particular app or solution just because it fits their agenda or could benefit them in some way. Rather, their focus is on you — their client company — and how different apps can help your business resolve a challenge, eliminate a pain point, or achieve a goal at minimum cost and in the fastest possible time.

Partners that focus entirely on their clients don’t assume that the relationship ends with the purchase of a new app. Instead, they also look for new marketplace offers, help clients to manage apps, and look for new opportunities to optimize app performance, cost, and data protection.

A single source of truth for all your questions and concerns

Many companies struggle with the end-to-end app purchase and launch process because many questions arise along the way:

Which app is best for our requirements?

What new features do we need and why?

Which independent software vendors offer the best licensing terms?

Who should we contact for support or app integration?

Who can help us reduce app sprawl and minimize our technical debt?

A competent partner can get you quick answers to these and any other questions that an in-house team may not have the time or experience to provide. 

Partners understand and leverage the business and technology aspects of various solutions to help you make the most of your potential investment. If they don’t already have the answers, they know exactly whom to contact in the vendor’s organization. Either way, you can clarify your doubts and address all concerns without having to jump through multiple hoops.

An “app concierge” that focuses solely on you

A trusted partner can help with everything from app selection, implementation, launch, and optimization. They leverage proven frameworks, tools, and best practices to implement the right solution for your business from the get-go. Moreover, they can help with all kinds of issues before, during, and after the purchase and implementation of new cloud apps.

As a trusted advisor, they will bring the hands-on-deck experience you may need to customize a solution and integrate it with the rest of your IT stack. They will also work with your team to identify future customization requirements and suggest solutions to match them.

Think of the partner as your very own “app concierge” that’s focused on your requirements and invested in your success. To this end, they provide white-glove service with world-class care that’s tailored to your unique business, use cases, and tech stack.

In addition, experts are available on-demand to answer any questions or concerns that may arise as your team uses the implemented solutions during day-to-day business operations. These experts act as an extension of your internal team and also make suggestions and recommendations to maximize the app’s ROI for your company.

They make their vendor relationships work for you

Vetted and certified partners have strong relationships with many app vendors. These relationships give them an inside view of each vendor’s offerings, purchase price, and other pertinent details. They bring this knowledge to work for you, minimizing friction during the implementation of a particular app or transition from one environment to another.

Because of these strong working relationships between the partner and vendor, the partner has insider knowledge when it comes to each vendor’s different service levels and other essential parameters like certifications and documentation. They use this knowledge to inform their recommendations for the vendor and app that would best suit your organization’s business objectives.

A good partner is also responsive to your needs, understands your challenges, and brings reliability and availability to the table. They will communicate with you and keep you in the loop for any major decisions that may affect your ongoing operations, performance, or costs.

Partners make license management and renewals simple and straightforward

Perhaps the biggest benefit from a user experience perspective is a partner’s ability to streamline the licensing process and make it easier to keep track of renewals, quotes, invoices, etc. While handling the license renewals and management process can be done in-house, a trusted partner handling this task for you makes the process seamless and simplified.

For example, many enterprise organizations own multiple cloud apps that need to be renewed regularly or work with different tools and instances, making license management complicated. As you scale, a partner is invaluable to discover and manage all your licenses from one place. This prevents your organization from subscribing to multiple apps that might be redundant in functionality, or allowing critical app licenses to lapse. 

The partner will create a single view or even categories of all new apps, instances, and licenses to streamline operations. They will minimize your administrative burden and you won’t have to worry about app or support access being interrupted.

A partner gets you the visibility you need to make informed app purchases that bring the greatest value add to your Atlassian investment – something that in-house teams are often unable to acquire due to lack of bandwidth or institutional knowledge.

See the Impact of Working With a Trusted Partner For Your Atlassian Needs 

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