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Accelerate Your Journey The Atlassian Cloud With Coyote Creek

Work with an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner with expertise in Atlassian Cloud migrations to accelerate your journey to Atlassian Cloud.

Our clients turn to Coyote Creek when:

  • Their company mandates a move to Atlassian Cloud
  • They love the Atlassian applications but don’t want to manage their own infrastructure
  • They want the Atlassian cloud advantages of: faster setup, latest features, cloud scalability, and freedom to focus on their core business
  • They want to move to Atlassian Cloud following established best practices

We’ve been successful at Atlassian Cloud Migrations because:

  • We Love Atlassian Cloud
  • We have already completed many successful Atlassian Cloud migrations
  • We provide accurate guidance on what works and what doesn’t
  • We’ll talk you out of a cloud migration if it’s not right for you

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At Coyote Creek we’re all about technology, but we know it’s the human connection that makes the difference in all that we do. If you’d like to discuss any of your Atlassian needs, please fill out the contact form below, and we will follow up with you.

Take Advantage of Coyote Creek's Cloud Cookbook - Here's the Recipe



The first step to any migration is understanding your current landscape, and where you’re headed. In this phase, you’ll evaluate if moving to Atlassian Cloud is right for you and learn what you can expect to change as a result.



We will learn your migration needs and provide best practices and advice for your success. By doing so, we can define the best migration strategy and the plan needed to get there.



Once we understand your migration needs, it’s time to get people, data, and environments ready to migrate. The create phase moves from documented requirements into a process-oriented, technical, and communication run-book.



Together we will test all of our plans and your migration process. We will work with your team to schedule the migration.



We will follow the tested process we’ve defined together and migrate to Atlassian Cloud. Together we will validate your successful migration.



Subscribe to Catalyst, our proactive consulting service, after your migration. We will work with you to increase user adoption, training, best practices, app integrations, monitoring and so much more.

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