Let Coyote Creek help you move on up to the Atlassian Cloud.

Atlassian Cloud + Coyote Creek = A Happier Enterprise Organization

Today’s cloud-based SaaS application delivery model offers many benefits, including lower costs, lower IT workloads and easy scalability. However, even cloud-based services must be managed. And if you have a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud/on-prem environment, things can get quite complex.

Are you tired of the headaches involved in maintaining your server or data center solution?

Do you want to eliminate the overhead costs involved in housing your servers onsite?

Would you like a team of experts team to manage your migration and optimize your instance for less than it costs to hire an employee?

We’re Coyote Creek and We Can Help.

We’ll help you move to Atlassian Cloud, optimize your infrastructure in the process, and enable you to use the cloud according to best practices. Here’s how we’ll do it.

Cloud Project Solutions
Analysis of Your Existing Instance
Optimize for Performance & Best Practices
Governance & Permissions
Workflows & Reporting
Application Curation & Integration

Cloud Managed Services
Atlassian Product Administration
Business Process Solutions
24/7/365 Concierge
Information Security
Maintenance & Monitoring Support

…but that’s just the start! For a full list of our extensive expert services, please contact us.

Migrating to the Cloud is a Journey,

but it’s one you only have to make once.

Stop dedicating your precious resources to your infrastructure while your business loses traction.

This is our business. It’s what we do best. We’ll use our Atlassian expertise to help you make the voyage efficiently, optimize your infrastructure for best practices, and manage your new instance so you can stick to doing what you do best.

The Benefits of Atlassian Cloud + Coyote Creek



Using our proven best-practices, we’ll go beyond simply monitoring your applications and infrastructure. We’ll also monitor your cloud service providers, too.



Coyote Creek is an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, an AWS Partner and a Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner, experienced with a wide range of platforms and products.



When requests and/or monitoring alerts are received; we’ll troubleshoot the problem, perform a detailed root cause analysis, and do whatever is necessary to get the situation resolved.



We’ll never wait until our service desk is flooded with service tickets to take action. If something doesn’t look quite right we’ll work hard to fix it long before you and your end users are affected at all.

So, are you ready to get back to business?

Contact us today.

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