Bamboo Security Advisory

Bamboo Security Advisory & Web Interface On Wed 21 Oct 2015, Atlassian announced a significant vulnerability in Bamboo.  If you are running a Bamboo version from 2.2 through 5.8.4 or versions from 5.9.0 through 5.9.6, this affects you. Versions 5.8.5 and 5.9.7 are not vulnerable. Atlassian Confluence Full Details Atlassian Jira Issue CVE Article This… read more

Managed Services for Your Bay Area Business

In our last blog, we addressed five benefits of having managed services provider to help with your information technology for your Bay Area business. In this blog, we will address five additional benefits for your company so you can continue growing. Pour your Money Into Growing – Since managed service can allow you to save… read more

5 Benefits of Employing Managed Services in Your Bay Area Company

Finding ways of reducing the cost for your IT department can seem impossible at times. New technology is rolling out all the time and keeping up with new software updates and all your networking maintenance takes time, effort and money to pay your employees to keep your system rolling 24/7 can get expensive. Take the… read more

What Does it Mean to Have Managed Services?

There is a movement among companies to move to “managed services”, but what does that actually mean and would it work for your company? By definition, managed services is an outside IT support for your company so you don’t have to employ staff for 24-hour monitoring. The managed services isn’t just responsible for monitoring, but… read more

Remote Monitoring Helps Increase IT Productivity And Reduce Costs

reduce cost with network management

Remote Monitoring Founded in 1998 by a team of former corporate IT professionals, Coyote Creek understands the issues and complexities that are part of large-scale and high-growth IT environments. We also understand that time is money and you want to be able to resolve end users’ technical issues as quickly and easily as possible. Our… read more