Atlassian Summit 2019 Day Two Wrap-Up

by Mike Faster Coyote Creek President Yesterday was the final day of Atlassian Summit 2019, and the second day was as good as the first—both in terms of announcements from Atlassian and attendance at our booth. Lots of people posted on social media that visiting our booth was a Summit “must.” Both the magician and… read more

Atlassian Summit 2019 Day One Wrap-Up

by Dave Theodore I’m here at Atlassian Summit 2019, which is bigger and better than ever. The Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas is a great venue—much more spacious than where the event has been held in San Jose in the past—and the mood is upbeat. As is always the case at Summit, Atlassian… read more

Adding Jira Fields to Screen – Admin Considerations

By: David Sokolowski Solutions Architect Administrator Considerations Often a customer will ask for a field to be added to a screen, when the field may be new or already exist. Regardless of whether the field is new or not, adding a field to a screen without thinking through all relative areas of impact can cause… read more

Jira Service Desk Tips with RefinedWiki

  The days of Atlassian products being used by only technical users are well and truly gone. Atlassian Marketplace app vendors and Atlassian Partners such as Coyote Creek have been a large contributor to this change by producing apps and advanced customizations with improved interfaces and functionality. Jira Service Desk is one such Atlassian platform that… read more

How to Save Time Troubleshooting Atlassian tools

  By Sean Jason Byrne Atlassian Team Senior Engineer   So, you have Atlassian tools installed, but they’re not working quite the way you expect it to. Maybe it’s a bug. Maybe it’s not. Either way, before you spend gobs of time trying to track down and define this bug, you can first find out… read more

Jira Cloud and Logical Workflow Functions

By Kevin Lynch Senior Atlassian Engineer I love Jira Cloud. With Jira Cloud you don’t have to host your own server instance of Jira, and fast support is available when questions or issues arise. Plus, Jira Cloud has many common workflow features, including assigning the issue to certain people, updating fields and more. But every… read more

Creating New Jira Fields How To Blog

By: David Sokolowski Solutions Architect Administrator Considerations When creating new Jira fields, while technically a simple and straightforward task, it has some of the greatest overall impacts of all the Jira admin activities. Most importantly, it can create additional challenges for administration. But it can also create problems for users, and making sure you’re creating… read more

How to change Jira Dashboard and Filter Owners

By: David Sokolowski Solutions Architect Administrator Considerations Jira dashboard and filters each have a single owner. JIRA allows administrators to change the Jira filter owners and any Jira dashboard within the admin console. There are many reasons why admins may be asked to change the owners of the Jira dashboard and filters: Users are no longer in… read more

How to Blog- Jira Bulk Change Issue

  By: David Sokolowski Solutions Architect Administrator Considerations Often users or admins will want to change more than one ticket at a time. This is called a “bulk change.” Bulk change is a great option to offer users who may be in super user roles (scrum masters, project managers, product owners/managers, etc.), who may find… read more

How to Easily Add Jira Service Desk Project Approvers

By Kevin Lynch Senior Atlassian Engineer When someone requests access to the system, needs new hardware, etc., it’s a common business practice to require an approval from someone higher up (Jira Service Desk Project Approvers) in the organization than the requester. Jira Service Desk understands this and comes with a built-in approval system. With a… read more