EBOOK: Server vs Data Center

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Many people choose the server deployment option for their Atlassian products because they want – or need – control over their data and infrastructure. But did you know that Atlassian offers another option for customers to deploy on their own servers? This alternative is called Data Center and is designed for customers with missioncritical needs… read more

EBOOK: 4 Reasons it’s Time to Try Data Center

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Data Center is a deployment option of Atlassian products built specifically for customers running in mission-critical environments. Data Center gives you the product functionality you’re already familiar with plus benefits like deployment flexibility, scalability, high availability, and improved authentication and control. Here’s how Data Center can help your organization scale Atlassian’s products:</P… read more

WHITEPAPER: 5 Stages of Incident Management

Simply put, effective incident management is an essential part of all enterprise business systems. Why? Because as tech tools and workflows become increasingly complex and interconnected, systems become increasingly vulnerable to unplanned downtime. Downtime that can hit any system at any time – with potential impact to both internal and external business operations. Costs for… read more

EBOOK: Making the Case to Upgrade to Data Center

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Your team or perhaps your boss didn’t go down this evaluation path with you, so help them reach the same conclusion. You are the expert at this, and definitely the best person to help them understand why you think your team or company will benefit.… read more

Urgent: Serious Vulnerability Found in Confluence Server and Data Center Products

By Dave Theodore Atlassian Team Manager On Wednesday August 28, 2019, Atlassian announced a critical “Confluence Local File Disclosure.” In certain cases, this vulnerability allows a remote user to view the contents of files on the Confluence server file system. Some configurations of Confluence may have files with credentials embedded in that can be exposed… read more

Why I Love Opsgenie for Incident Management

By Brandon White Back in 2014 I started working for a health data management company. It was there that I was first introduced to Opsgenie, the modern incident management platform for operating always-on services. Let me tell you, it was love at first sight! As the Lead System Administrator I was the primary technician responsible… read more

Food, Drinks, Networking & Soccer

It was a full house at Coyote Creek’s annual Customer Appreciation Event Tuesday, as 30 people enjoyed a relaxing evening watching the San Jose Earthquakes take on Spain’s Real Valladolid at Avaya Stadium. We maxed out the allowable head count of our “party deck” at the Audi Club; unfortunately a few people remained on the… read more

Urgent: Serious Vulnerability Found in Jira Server and Data Center Products

By Ryan Skarra-Gallagher Senior Systems Engineer On Wednesday July 10, 2019, Atlassian announced a critical “Template Injection” vulnerability in Jira Server and Data Center products. In certain cases, this vulnerability allows remote code execution. What you need to know… Versions affected: This vulnerability affects most versions of Jira, from 4.4.X through 8.2.X. Versions already fixed:… read more