How to change Jira Dashboard and Filter Owners

By: David Sokolowski Solutions Architect Administrator Considerations Jira dashboard and filters each have a single owner. JIRA allows administrators to change the Jira filter owners and any Jira dashboard within the admin console. There are many reasons why admins may be asked to change the owners of the Jira dashboard and filters: Users are no longer in… read more

How to Blog- Jira Bulk Change Issue

  By: David Sokolowski Solutions Architect Administrator Considerations Often users or admins will want to change more than one ticket at a time. This is called a “bulk change.” Bulk change is a great option to offer users who may be in super user roles (scrum masters, project managers, product owners/managers, etc.), who may find… read more

How to Easily Add Jira Service Desk Project Approvers

By Kevin Lynch Senior Atlassian Engineer When someone requests access to the system, needs new hardware, etc., it’s a common business practice to require an approval from someone higher up (Jira Service Desk Project Approvers) in the organization than the requester. Jira Service Desk understands this and comes with a built-in approval system. With a… read more

Successful Event Tips

Successful event

  By Jennifer Gonzales, Marketing Coordinator Coyote Creek hosts a number of events each year, from IT Leadership Dinners and Client Appreciation Events to Networking/Recruiting events and more.  We’ve found that having a successful event is an excellent way to bring people together, and build or reinforce the personal connections that make such a difference in… read more

Microsoft Lync Site Failover for Lync 2013

Microsoft Lync Site Failover

Microsoft Lync Site Failover By Romeo Cavestany Systems Engineer A client recently brought us in for some disaster recovery testing drills, including doing a complete Microsoft Lync site failover for their Microsoft Lync and Persistent Chat environment from their primary datacenter to their secondary datacenter. The exercise included failing over all of the Lync services—including… read more

Staying Relevant in Today’s Information Technology Job Market

Information Technology Job Market

Information Technology Job Market By Nikki Motas Senior Technical Recruiter Today’s Information Technology job market is hot! With the best candidates quickly finding the positions they’re looking for, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you don’t need to put any effort into preparing yourself for your next job. However, the reality… read more

Jira Service Desk is So Incredibly Popular and This is Why

  By Dave Theodore Atlassian Team Manager If you’re in the market for a service desk solution, you’re probably wondering if Jira Service Desk is for you. Perhaps whatever you’re currently using to run your service desk just isn’t working for you anymore, is too expensive or is being discontinued by the vendor. Maybe you… read more

Getting Started with an ITSM Knowledge Base

By Josh Knutkowski Senior Atlassian Engineer One of our clients is a huge proponent of Jira Service Desk, Atlassian’s software for tracking and resolving issues. When they first started using Jira Service Desk they had to work hard to talk departments into using it. Now that it has gained traction in their company, department heads… read more

4 Reasons Why Jira Users Love Jira Service Desk

Jira Service Desk

By: Dave Theodore Atlassian Team Manager Over the past few years we’ve found that more and more of our clients are using Atlassian’s Jira. Whether they’ve implemented Jira as a development tool or are taking advantage of one of its other applications (such as tracking business processes and work flows), most have one thing in… read more

Keys to Successful Contractor Onboarding

Contractor Onboarding

Contractor Onboarding By Nathan Lundberg Contract Services Manager One of the many things that sets Coyote Creek’s Contract Services offering apart from that of competitors is our hands-on approach to consultant management. We don’t just send a person out on an assignment and then figure that “no news is good news.” We actively stay in… read more