Successful Event Marketing Tips For You

Successful Event Marketing Tips By: Jennifer Gonzales Marketing Coordinator   Always Plan Ahead You just found out about a new event that your company will be hosting six months from now. You feel like you have all the time in the world to plan a successful event. Then three months quickly passes and you’re scrambling to… read more

Finding the Right Recruiter For You

finding the right recruiter

Finding the Right Recruiter By: Nikki Motas Senior Technical Recruiter If you’re in the market for a new job, finding the right recruiter can be vital. The ideal recruiter acts as your personal sales person, helping you get a position that is a terrific fit for you. Working with the wrong recruiter, however, can be… read more

The Importance of an Information Technology Escalation Process

Information Technology Escalation Process

 Information Technology Escalation Process By: Romeo Cavestany Systems Engineer It’s almost lunch time and the phones are lighting up in the IT department. The email system is down, and everyone from the President to the Receptionist is calling to say there’s a problem. Of course, thanks to your monitoring system, IT had already noticed that… read more

Our Short-Term Contractor Screening Criteria

Short-term Contractor Screening Criteria By Mike Dobrev Senior Technical Recruiter  When it comes to recruiting, the reality is that you don’t always want to bring on IT talent as direct hires. Sometimes you’re just looking for a short-term contractor to help you meet deadlines during a crunch period, provide specialized expertise for a project or… read more

Swag, What is it Good For Really?


Swag By Jennifer Gonzales Marketing Coordinator We have all been to conferences, festivals, concerts and other events where we received “swag,” i.e. company-branded merchandise that is given away as a form of advertising. The question is, are these free giveaways effective? From the marketer’s point of view, what exactly is swag (also known as “promotional… read more

If It’s Not in a Help Desk Ticket It Never Happened

Help Desk Ticket

  Help Desk Ticket By Mike Faster President It happens all the time. Joe HelpDeskGuy is walking down the hall minding his own business when he’s waylaid. Someone pulls him into a cubicle and says “I have this little IT problem to show you.” Thinking it’s just a five-minute job, Joe sits down; 45 minutes later… read more

When to Hire an Information Technology Contractor

information technology Contractor

Information Technology Contractor By Nathan Lundberg Contract Services Manager Whether they’re looking for interim talent to help get day-to-day IT infrastructure management tasks done or highly skilled experts to tackle more challenging projects, there are many good reasons why companies choose to hire an Information Technology contractor. But how do you separate out the “we… read more

Tips for Upgrading Atlassian Confluence on Windows Server

Confluence on Windows Server

Confluence on Windows Server By Olena Vasylevska Senior Systems Engineer Running Atlassian Confluence on Windows Server and planning to do an upgrade? I have found that the keys to success are planning (I can’t stress this enough!), creating detailed documentation and having a complete successful dry run. Here are some tips for making the process… read more

Atlassian Licensing Co-Termination Simplifies Your Atlassian Experience

Atlassian Licensing Co-Termination

 Atlassian Licensing Co-Termination By Jessica Rodriguez Account Executive When was the last time you took an inventory of your Atlassian software licenses? When you include all of the tools and add-ons that your team is using, do you know what licenses you’re paying for—and whether or not they’re actually being used? More importantly, do you… read more

Deploying JIRA Software Data Center in AWS

JIRA Software Data Center

JIRA Software Data Center By Matt Starr Senior Systems Engineer Great news! JIRA Software Data Center deployments within Amazon Web Services (AWS) have just gotten easier. Why? Because an AWS Quick Start deployment package is now available. By automatically setting up multiple necessary items needed for Data Center to function correctly, this Quick Start package… read more