Atlassian Team Tour – Silicon Valley – Invite Only Event – Day One

By Nick Howser Account Executive For the past seven weeks the Atlassian team has been presenting their free “Atlassian Team Tour” events from Europe to Asia to North America. This year’s topic is “The Future of IT,” with the focus on ways to enable IT teams to work more quickly, proactively and iteratively. Coyote Creek… read more

Slack and Opsgenie can Improve Operational Effectiveness

  By: Neivath Cheung Systems Engineer Like many teams in the IT world, the members of Coyote Creek’s Cloud Services practice (formerly Remote Monitoring and Management – RMM) are quite spread out geographically. We’ve got team members located everywhere from California and New York to Florida and Washington. Needless to say, there’s no break room… read more

Incident Management: A Tale of Two Approaches

by Aaron Geer Cloud Services Manager It’s 10:32 am and your entire email system just crashed. No one can access their email. No email is coming in or out. It’s a classic “priority 1” incident, and everyone from the accounts receivable department to the CEO is freaking out. In a situation like this, how well… read more

Migrating Your Atlassian Products to Data Center

by Dave Theodore Atlassian Practice Manager After repeated outages, constant slowdowns and demands that you need to start providing Service Level Agreements for your now business-critical Atlassian tools, you’ve made the decision to migrate from Server to Data Center. Now what? What do you need to know to make this change a success? And how… read more

Adding Value to the Business with Atlassian Data Center

By Dave Theodore Atlassian Practice Manager   If your Atlassian tools have become business-critical and you’re starting to have concerns around availability and scalability issues, it might be time to make the switch from Atlassian’s Server products to Atlassian’s Data Center products. Data Center is Atlassian’s clustered product that handles multiple application servers for the… read more

Running Atlassian Data Center Products on Azure

By Dave Theodore Atlassian Practice Manager The organization was facing a very common problem. Perhaps you can relate. They were running the Server version of Atlassian Confluence, but they were clearly reaching the limits of this configuration. Even with less than half of their employees making use of Confluence it had become unstable, and the… read more

Atlassian Summit 2019 Day Two Wrap-Up

by Mike Faster Coyote Creek President Yesterday was the final day of Atlassian Summit 2019, and the second day was as good as the first—both in terms of announcements from Atlassian and attendance at our booth. Lots of people posted on social media that visiting our booth was a Summit “must.” Both the magician and… read more

Atlassian Summit 2019 Day One Wrap-Up

by Dave Theodore I’m here at Atlassian Summit 2019, which is bigger and better than ever. The Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas is a great venue—much more spacious than where the event has been held in San Jose in the past—and the mood is upbeat. As is always the case at Summit, Atlassian… read more

Adding Jira Fields to Screen – Admin Considerations

By: David Sokolowski Solutions Architect Administrator Considerations Often a customer will ask for a field to be added to a screen, when the field may be new or already exist. Regardless of whether the field is new or not, adding a field to a screen without thinking through all relative areas of impact can cause… read more

Jira Service Desk Tips with RefinedWiki

  The days of Atlassian products being used by only technical users are well and truly gone. Atlassian Marketplace app vendors and Atlassian Partners such as Coyote Creek have been a large contributor to this change by producing apps and advanced customizations with improved interfaces and functionality. Jira Service Desk is one such Atlassian platform that… read more