If It’s Not in a Help Desk Ticket It Never Happened

Help Desk Ticket

  Help Desk Ticket By Mike Faster President It happens all the time. Joe HelpDeskGuy is walking down the hall minding his own business when he’s waylaid. Someone pulls him into a cubicle and says “I have this little IT problem to show you.” Thinking it’s just a five-minute job, Joe sits down; 45 minutes later… read more

Tips for Upgrading Atlassian Confluence on Windows Server

Confluence on Windows Server

Confluence on Windows Server By Olena Vasylevska Senior Systems Engineer Running Atlassian Confluence on Windows Server and planning to do an upgrade? I have found that the keys to success are planning (I can’t stress this enough!), creating detailed documentation and having a complete successful dry run. Here are some tips for making the process… read more

Atlassian Licensing Co-Termination Simplifies Your Atlassian Experience

Atlassian Licensing Co-Termination

 Atlassian Licensing Co-Termination By Jessica Rodriguez Account Executive When was the last time you took an inventory of your Atlassian software licenses? When you include all of the tools and add-ons that your team is using, do you know what licenses you’re paying for—and whether or not they’re actually being used? More importantly, do you… read more

Deploying JIRA Software Data Center in AWS

JIRA Software Data Center

JIRA Software Data Center By Matt Starr Senior Systems Engineer Great news! JIRA Software Data Center deployments within Amazon Web Services (AWS) have just gotten easier. Why? Because an AWS Quick Start deployment package is now available. By automatically setting up multiple necessary items needed for Data Center to function correctly, this Quick Start package… read more

Tracking JIRA Access can be Daunting

Tracking JIRA Access

Tracking JIRA Access By Sean Jason Byrne Atlassian Team Senior Engineer At Coyote Creek we work with a lot of organizations that have hundreds or thousands of employees, each of whom needs to be granted access to specific systems in order to do their job. Some users need database access, some are using JIRA or… read more

Why You Should Keep Your JIRA Admin Group Small

JIRA Admin group

 JIRA Admin Group By Jo-Anne MacLeod Solutions Architect We often work with clients that have granted JIRA Admin access to a large number of people. Sometimes many of these JIRA Admins are not actually tasked with making sure that JIRA stays running. Other times they are…but with “too many cooks stirring the pot,” they have… read more

Take Your Atlassian Tools from Rogue to Company Sanctioned

Atlassian tools

  Atlassian Tools By Dave Theodore Atlassian Team Manager When companies decide to deploy Microsoft tools such as Exchange or SharePoint, this decision is pretty much always made from on high and then implemented organization-wide. However, for some reason this is often not the way Atlassian tools implementations take place. What we frequently see in the… read more

Using Confluence as a Team Interface

Confluence team interface

  By Sean Jason Byrne Atlassian Team Senior Engineer Atlassian’s Confluence is a great document collaboration application that gives teams one centralized web-based place to organize work, create documents and provide feedback to each other. Unfortunately, many organizations are not making the most of their Confluence investment because they’re just using Confluence as a general… read more

JIRA Workflow Separation of Duties

JIRA Workflow

JIRA Workflow By Logan Hawkes Senior Atlassian Engineer The JIRA Administrator and the Scrum Master were not seeing eye-to-eye. The JIRA Administrator wanted to get some firm rules in place regarding who would be allowed to transition issues between different statuses in the workflow. The Scrum Master was vigorously resisting this effort. “Everything is running… read more

Using JIRA Core for Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation

By Dave Kremer Guest Blogger San Francisco Bay Area Atlassian User Group Leader Atlassian’s JIRA was originally created as a tool to give software developers everything they need to build great software through strong teamwork, from project management to issue tracking. And Atlassian did a fabulous job with this! If you talk to developers, you… read more