Simplifying Atlassian Crowd Security

Atlassian Crowd

By Sean Jason Byrne Atlassian Team Senior Engineer Atlassian sells its Crowd software as a way to centralize identity management for your Atlassian applications. Crowd lets you manage users from multiple directories via a single admin console and control application permissions from one place. It gives you Single Sign On, group permissions, one area from… read more

The Jira Settings that Can Cause Jira to Crawl

JIRA settings

JIRA Settings By Logan Hawkes Senior Atlassian Engineer You’ve got a Jira server running on the perfect environment. It lives on its own ESX server, and it has been allocated a dozen CPUs, 40 GB RAM, a terabyte of lightning-fast fiber-connected SSD storage space, and enough network bandwidth to stream an actual stream. Your authentication is on a remote Active Directory server, your database is… read more

How to Avoid Problems with Jira Permissions

JIRA Permissions

Jira Permissions By Sean Jason Byrne Atlassian Team Senior Engineer There are a lot of aspects to Atlassian security. In this post I will focus on Jira Permission Schemes and Project Roles, and how you can simplify these while still providing your Users with the access they need. Keeping the Jira security simple will make… read more

The Problem with Sharing JIRA Filters

JIRA filters

By Sean Jason Byrne Atlassian Team Senior Engineer One of the popular features in Jira, Atlassian’s project management and bug tracking software, is the ability to search for Jira Issues. You can search for Issues using the Basic search. This allows you to simply pick Project or Issue types and a variety of other things,… read more

Things to Consider When Setting Up JIRA Data Center

JIRA data center

JIRA Data Center By Dave Theodore Atlassian Team Manager JIRA, Atlassian’s development tool for Agile teams, is available in the Cloud as well as in two on-prem versions: JIRA Server and JIRA Data Center. JIRA Server is just that—one server that does everything. JIRA Data Center is a multi-server solution designed for both high availability… read more

Passing the Jira Certification Exam

JIRA certification exam

Jira Certification Exam By David Sokolowski Atlassian Solutions Architect Last year Atlassian announced that it would be offering an Administration Certification for both JIRA and Confluence, as well as a preparation course for the Jira Certification exam. As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, Coyote Creek Consulting has set a goal of having all of our… read more

7 Reasons Why I Love eazyBI


eazyBI By Sean Jason Byrne Atlassian Team Senior Engineer Customers often ask me for a reporting system that will let them easily pull metrics out of JIRA, Confluence and Bamboo, as well as out of other databases that are unrelated to the Atlassian tools. They want to interrelate that data and get meaningful metrics so… read more

How Well Are Your Teams Using Your Atlassian Tools?


How Well Are Your Teams Using Your Atlassian Tools? By Sean Jason Byrne Atlassian Team Senior Engineer The more your teams use your Atlassian tools, the more efficient your processes become and the more your organization benefits from their investment in the Atlassian tools. But how can you tell how well your team members are… read more

5 Things to Monitor on Your JIRA or Confluence Instance

Monitor JIRA, Confluence

By Mohan Reddy and Tom Craig Senior Systems Engineers If you want to avoid problems and keep your systems up and running, monitoring is a must. While there are many different things that you can monitor, here are five that we have found to be particularly vital for Atlassian’s JIRA and Confluence: HTTP Availability –… read more

Using Confluence to Improve the Proposal Writing Process

proposal writing

  By Anthony Coral Director of Operations, Project Management Office As a busy, well-regarded IT consulting firm, Coyote Creek puts out a lot of proposals or Statements of Work (SOWs). Naturally, we have a process for doing this, and a template that we want our team members to use as the starting point for any… read more