5 Things to Monitor on Your JIRA or Confluence Instance

Monitor JIRA, Confluence

By Mohan Reddy and Tom Craig Senior Systems Engineers If you want to avoid problems and keep your systems up and running, monitoring is a must. While there are many different things that you can monitor, here are five that we have found to be particularly vital for Atlassian’s JIRA and Confluence: HTTP Availability –… read more

Using Confluence to Improve the Proposal Writing Process

proposal writing

  By Anthony Coral Director of Operations, Project Management Office As a busy, well-regarded IT consulting firm, Coyote Creek puts out a lot of proposals or Statements of Work (SOWs). Naturally, we have a process for doing this, and a template that we want our team members to use as the starting point for any… read more

Best Practices for Writing ScriptRunner Behaviours for Jira

Behaviours for JIRA

By Sean Jason Byrne Atlassian Team Senior Engineer During a recent project, our team was tasked with making sense out of an enormous and very ugly chunk of code written for the Behaviours plugin for Jira. Behaviours started life as an independent add-on for Jira. The modern implementation is included in the Script Runner add-on… read more

Encouraging Successful Wiki Adoption

wiki, wiki adoption

By Lee Bordier Senior Atlassian Consultant As I explained in my previous article on 3  Reasons to Switch to a Knowledge Management Center or Wiki, when done well wikis can be an excellent Knowledge Management tool. Atlassian’s Confluence is the best platform for creating this Knowledge Management Center. Through Confluence you can provide one centralized… read more

4 Important Confluence Wiki Governance Issues

wiki, wikis, wiki governance

  As a Knowledge Management System, Confluence is all about improving efficiency, making it easier for collaboration to take place. This means that all users need to “be on the same page,” following the same rules and guidelines regarding how documents, information and knowledge will be organized. It also means that the system must be… read more

Atlassian Licenses – We can help!

As we talk with teams about helping them on projects, one of the topics that comes up most often is Atlassian licenses. If you’re already using an Atlassian tool or two, you already know that Atlassian expects you to enter in a credit card number when you order your license. When your team is small… read more

3 Reasons to Switch to a Knowledge Management Center or Wiki

wiki, wikis, Confluence, knowledge management

The success of a company depends on having the right people, in the right jobs, with the right skills, at the right time. So what can you do to ensure that your company’s employees actually do have the right knowledge at the right time to perform any tasks in their job? You can create a… read more

JIRA: Group Therapy for Dev Teams

JIRA, JIRA Group Therapy

  JIRA: Group Therapy for Dev Teams By Mike Faster President  Atlassian Software is running a new marketing campaign. Their tagline: “JIRA: It’s like group therapy for dev teams.” The campaign includes a 30-second ad that you can view on YouTube, billboards with cheeky headlines, short snippets on the radio, etc. But there’s not much… read more