These days, it seems like many enterprises aren’t getting the full value possible from their Atlassian tools. It could be that there aren’t enough people on your team with the experience or expertise to support the remediation projects and improvement requests that keep piling up. And sometimes, there just isn’t enough time to think strategically about what to optimize next.

So what do you do?  

Catalyst is a proactive subscription for delivering Atlassian consulting services. Catalyst will help you plan for the strategic evolution of your Atlassian tools. Catalyst provides named technical resources, including a dedicated, experienced Client Success Manager.  Our service fosters a meaningful understanding of your use cases, environments, and teams.  With the bonus of committed response times and available 24/7 support, your Catalyst team develops a long-term relationship that helps you deliver continuous improvement while allowing you to focus on the business objectives that really matter.

Coyote Creek Catalyst provides:

  • Functional and Technical Guidance, including best practices
  • Roadmapping and solution refinement for continuous improvement
  • Assistance with administering the Atlassian suite of tools

Download the data sheet to find out more about Catalyst.

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Coyote Creek can help you get ahead of the curve and make sure you’re getting the most value from your Atlassian tools.


Catalyst offers subscribers

Proactive Services

Proactive Services

Together we will build a list of improvements for your applications that will help you maximize the value of your investment.

Dedicated Client Success Manager

Dedicated Client Success Manager

Our dedicated resources will gain an intimate understanding of your Atlassian environment and make recommendations based on your unique use cases 


Best Practices

Best Practices

Leverage Coyote Creek’s decade of experience working with clients.   Our Atlassian certified engineers will ensure your Atlassian environment conforms to best practices.


Expert Application Configuration

Expert Application Configuration

By partnering with our team, we can help you achieve your desired objectives through expert configuration.

Functional Application Consulting

Functional Application Consulting

Our functional consulting service will look at your existing processes and offer improvement suggestions and will customize your apps to support the improved processes.

24 x 7 Response Availability*

24 x 7 Response Availability*

Critical issues don’t often follow a schedule. With 24 X 7 response and support, we have your back, even in the middle of the night.  *available with Premium

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Catalyst is a different kind of Atlassian subscription.

Coyote Creek Catalyst helps you get the most value from your Atlassian tools through proactive support leveraging our years of experience.  Best practices? Continuous improvement? Responsive experts that you can trust? Check, check, and check.  

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