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Encouraging Successful Wiki Adoption

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By Lee Bordier Senior Atlassian Consultant As I explained in my previous article on 3  Reasons to Switch to a Knowledge Management Center or Wiki, when done well wikis can be an excellent Knowledge Management tool. Atlassian’s Confluence is the best platform for creating this Knowledge Management Center. Through Confluence you can provide one centralized… read more

4 Important Confluence Wiki Governance Issues

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  As a Knowledge Management System, Confluence is all about improving efficiency, making it easier for collaboration to take place. This means that all users need to “be on the same page,” following the same rules and guidelines regarding how documents, information and knowledge will be organized. It also means that the system must be… read more

3 Reasons to Switch to a Knowledge Management Center or Wiki

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The success of a company depends on having the right people, in the right jobs, with the right skills, at the right time. So what can you do to ensure that your company’s employees actually do have the right knowledge at the right time to perform any tasks in their job? You can create a… read more