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CASE STUDY: How AppDynamics Scaled with Jira Service Desk Data Center

When AppDynamics doubled its headcount in two years, the company’s startup culture needed to grow with it. The team managing Jira took on the responsibility of de-siloing teams and information to create an open and transparent culture — and they used Atlassian’s suite of products to do it.… read more

EBOOK: 7 Tips for Scaling Atlassian

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Use these tips to inform your approach to scaling Atlassian infrastructure and to avoid many common process and technology hurdles your business may encounter as you scale Atlassian.… read more

EBOOK: Server vs Data Center

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Many people choose the server deployment option for their Atlassian products because they want – or need – control over their data and infrastructure. But did you know that Atlassian offers another option for customers to deploy on their own servers? This alternative is called Data Center and is designed for customers with missioncritical needs… read more

EBOOK: 4 Reasons it’s Time to Try Data Center

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Data Center is a deployment option of Atlassian products built specifically for customers running in mission-critical environments. Data Center gives you the product functionality you’re already familiar with plus benefits like deployment flexibility, scalability, high availability, and improved authentication and control. Here’s how Data Center can help your organization scale Atlassian’s products:</P… read more

EBOOK: Making the Case to Upgrade to Data Center

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Your team or perhaps your boss didn’t go down this evaluation path with you, so help them reach the same conclusion. You are the expert at this, and definitely the best person to help them understand why you think your team or company will benefit.… read more