Urgent: Critical Vulnerability Found in Bitbucket Products

On Wednesday September 18, 2019, Atlassian announced a critical “argument injection vulnerability.” In certain cases, this vulnerability allows a remote user an attacker to inject additional arguments into Git commands, which could lead to remote code execution. Remote attackers can exploit this argument injection vulnerability if they are able to access a Git repository in… read more

Urgent: Critical Vulnerability Found in Jira Products

On Wednesday September 18, 2019, Atlassian announced a critical “template injection vulnerability” in the Jira Importers Plugin that is included with the distribution of Jira and Jira Data Center. In certain cases, this vulnerability allows a remote user with “Jira Administrator” permission to remotely execute code on systems that run a vulnerable version of Jira Server… read more

Urgent: Critical Vulnerability Found in Jira Service Desk Products

On Wednesday September 18, 2019, Atlassian announced a critical “URL path traversal allows information disclosure” vulnerability in Jira Service Desk Server and Jira Service Desk Data Center. By design, Jira Service Desk gives Customer Portal users permission only to raise requests and view issues. This allows users to interact with the Customer Portal without having… read more

Why I Love Opsgenie for Incident Management

By Brandon White Back in 2014 I started working for a health data management company. It was there that I was first introduced to Opsgenie, the modern incident management platform for operating always-on services. Let me tell you, it was love at first sight! As the Lead System Administrator I was the primary technician responsible… read more

Food, Drinks, Networking & Soccer

It was a full house at Coyote Creek’s annual Customer Appreciation Event Tuesday, as 30 people enjoyed a relaxing evening watching the San Jose Earthquakes take on Spain’s Real Valladolid at Avaya Stadium. We maxed out the allowable head count of our “party deck” at the Audi Club; unfortunately a few people remained on the… read more

Could Testing Be the Missing Link for Effective Agile Transformation?

A modern testing platform is a critical, but often overlooked, element of successful agile transformation. Could QA be the missing puzzle piece in your quest to deliver higher quality software faster? The pace of software development is accelerating, and technology teams face increasing pressure to adopt agile development and continuous delivery models so that their… read more

2019 Atlassian Team Tour Day Two Wrap-Up

Team Tour

By Jay Baltazar and Madilyn Rossi Account Executives Yesterday was the second and final day of Atlassian’s free “Team Tour: Future of IT” event. While day one was an invitation-only affair (you can read our blog on the key take-aways here), day two was open to the public. There were two to three hundred people… read more

2019 Atlassian Team Tour – Silicon Valley – Invite Only Event – Day One

By Nick Howser Account Executive For the past seven weeks the Atlassian team has been presenting their free “Atlassian Team Tour” events from Europe to Asia to North America. This year’s topic is “The Future of IT,” with the focus on ways to enable IT teams to work more quickly, proactively and iteratively. Coyote Creek… read more

Slack’s Integration with Opsgenie can Improve Operational Effectiveness

  By: Neivath Cheung Systems Engineer Like many teams in the IT world, the members of Coyote Creek’s Cloud Services practice (formerly Remote Monitoring and Management – RMM) are quite spread out geographically. We’ve got team members located everywhere from California and New York to Florida and Washington. Needless to say, there’s no break room… read more

Incident Management: A Tale of Two Approaches

by Aaron Geer Cloud Services Manager It’s 10:32 am and your entire email system just crashed. No one can access their email. No email is coming in or out. It’s a classic “priority 1” incident, and everyone from the accounts receivable department to the CEO is freaking out. In a situation like this, how well… read more