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Staying Relevant in Today’s Information Technology Job Market

Information Technology Job Market

Information Technology Job Market By Nikki Motas Senior Technical Recruiter Today’s Information Technology job market is hot! With the best candidates quickly finding the positions they’re looking for, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you don’t need to put any effort into preparing yourself for your next job. However, the reality… read more

Keys to Successful Contractor Onboarding

Contractor Onboarding

Contractor Onboarding By Nathan Lundberg Contract Services Manager One of the many things that sets Coyote Creek’s Contract Services offering apart from that of competitors is our hands-on approach to consultant management. We don’t just send a person out on an assignment and then figure that “no news is good news.” We actively stay in… read more

Finding the Right Recruiter For You

finding the right recruiter

Finding the Right Recruiter By: Nikki Motas Senior Technical Recruiter If you’re in the market for a new job, finding the right recruiter can be vital. The ideal recruiter acts as your personal sales person, helping you get a position that is a terrific fit for you. Working with the wrong recruiter, however, can be… read more

Our Short-Term Contractor Screening Criteria

Short-term Contractor Screening Criteria By Mike Dobrev Senior Technical Recruiter  When it comes to recruiting, the reality is that you don’t always want to bring on IT talent as direct hires. Sometimes you’re just looking for a short-term contractor to help you meet deadlines during a crunch period, provide specialized expertise for a project or… read more

When to Hire an Information Technology Contractor

information technology Contractor

Information Technology Contractor By Nathan Lundberg Contract Services Manager Whether they’re looking for interim talent to help get day-to-day IT infrastructure management tasks done or highly skilled experts to tackle more challenging projects, there are many good reasons why companies choose to hire an Information Technology contractor. But how do you separate out the “we… read more

Fast Feedback Means Successful Hire

Successful hire

How Fast Feedback Means Successful Hire By Mike Dobrev Senior Technical Recruiter It’s no secret that we’re in the midst of a tight labor market. The best candidates for technical positions routinely receive multiple offers and are a successful hire. They are quickly hired, often by hiring managers who are desperate to bring on the… read more

Getting Hired When You Have a Job Hopping History

job hopping history

Job Hopping History By Nathan Lundberg Contract Services Manager  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median tenure of private sector workers in the US is 3.7 years. That’s everyone else. And then there’s you, the outlier. Over the past decade you haven’t stayed anywhere for more than two years. Some of your jobs… read more

Job Tenure Matters… Most of the Time

job tenure

Job Tenure Matters By Nathan Lundberg Contract Services Manager You’ve got an open position on your IT team for a full-time employee, and it seems like a number of the candidates have been hopping from job to job. When you look at their resumes, what really jumps out at you is their pattern of changing… read more

Recruiting College Grads for Your Team

Recruiting college grads

Recruiting College Grads By Nikki Motas Senior Technical Recruiter Everyone has to start somewhere, and for most of us our first “real” job in our field is the one we start shortly after we graduate from college. From the college grad’s point of view, getting that first job can be extremely intimidating and stressful. From… read more

Job Interview Tips to Nail Your Next Job Interview

Job Interview tips

 Job Interview Tips By Mike Dobrev Senior Technical Recruiter Got a big job interview coming up? Congratulations! That interview puts you one step closer to your next career opportunity. If you’re feeling nervous about this interview, keep in mind that preparation and attitude are the keys to success. Based on my experience as a technical… read more