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Urgent: Serious Vulnerability Found in Jira Server and Data Center Products

Urgent Jira Vulnerability Image

By Ryan Skarra-Gallagher Senior Systems Engineer On Wednesday July 10, 2019, Atlassian announced a critical “Template Injection” vulnerability in Jira Server and Data Center products. In certain cases, this vulnerability allows remote code execution. What you need to know… Versions affected: This vulnerability affects most versions of Jira, from 4.4.X through 8.2.X. Versions already fixed:… read more

Slack and Opsgenie can Improve Operational Effectiveness

  By: Neivath Cheung Systems Engineer Like many teams in the IT world, the members of Coyote Creek’s Cloud Services practice (formerly Remote Monitoring and Management – RMM) are quite spread out geographically. We’ve got team members located everywhere from California and New York to Florida and Washington. Needless to say, there’s no break room… read more

Incident Management: A Tale of Two Approaches

by Aaron Geer Cloud Services Manager It’s 10:32 am and your entire email system just crashed. No one can access their email. No email is coming in or out. It’s a classic “priority 1” incident, and everyone from the accounts receivable department to the CEO is freaking out. In a situation like this, how well… read more

The Importance of an Information Technology Escalation Process

Information Technology Escalation Process

 Information Technology Escalation Process By: Romeo Cavestany Systems Engineer It’s almost lunch time and the phones are lighting up in the IT department. The email system is down, and everyone from the President to the Receptionist is calling to say there’s a problem. Of course, thanks to your monitoring system, IT had already noticed that… read more

If It’s Not in a Help Desk Ticket It Never Happened

Help Desk Ticket

  Help Desk Ticket By Mike Faster President It happens all the time. Joe HelpDeskGuy is walking down the hall minding his own business when he’s waylaid. Someone pulls him into a cubicle and says “I have this little IT problem to show you.” Thinking it’s just a five-minute job, Joe sits down; 45 minutes later… read more

5 Things to Monitor on Your JIRA or Confluence Instance

Monitor JIRA, Confluence

By Mohan Reddy and Tom Craig Senior Systems Engineers If you want to avoid problems and keep your systems up and running, monitoring is a must. While there are many different things that you can monitor, here are five that we have found to be particularly vital for Atlassian’s JIRA and Confluence: HTTP Availability –… read more