Is Jira Service Desk for You?

Atlassian’s Jira Service Desk is an excellent tool for triaging, tracking and resolving incidents. But is it the right solution for your IT help desk? Our recorded webinar, “Is Jira Service Desk for You?” is designed to help you decide.

  • Enjoy a “deep dive” tour – Experience Jira Service Desk from the end user’s viewpoint in a demo that goes far beyond what Atlassian has posted online.
  • Learn about 3 popular apps – See Insight (manages assets), nFeed (brings external data into JIRA fields) and Refined Theme for Jira.
  • Service Desk (customizes the customer portal’s look and feel) in action.
  • Get your questions answered – There will be plenty of time for Q&A.
  • And more…

Is Jira Service Desk a good fit for your needs? Watch the free webinar below to find out!.


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Jira Service Desk Tips with RefinedWiki

Jira Service Desk Tips with RefinedWiki

The days of Atlassian products being used by only technical users are well and truly gone.   Read On

How to Easily Add Jira Service Desk Project Approvers

How to Easily Add Jira Service Desk Project Approvers

When someone requests access to the system, needs new hardware, etc., it’s a common business practice to require an approval from someone higher up (Jira Service Desk Project Approvers) in the organization than the requester.  Read on…

Adding Jira Fields to Screen – Admin Considerations

Adding Jira Fields to Screen – Admin Considerations

Often a customer will ask for a field to be added to a screen, when the field may be new or already exist. read more

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Webinar Lead By

Dave TheodoreAtlassian Practice Manager

Dave Theodore launched Coyote Creek’s Atlassian practice 11 years ago, and he’s been helping clients make the most of Atlassian’s tools ever since. Having worked with Atlassian Data Center since it was in Beta, Dave is an Atlassian expert who knows the details of setting up and running Jira, Confluence, BitBucket and Crowd on Data Center inside and out.

From 1,000-user companies to 80,000-user organizations, Dave has “been there, done that.” In fact, he’s been architecting large data centers and application environments for over 20 years. In his spare time Dave is an amateur racecar driver, a racetrack instructor and an expert at brewing beer at home (but he never mixes the two!)

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