Learn more about using Opsgenie for incident management in our webinar: Coyote Creek will be exploring Opsgenie in an two-part webinar series, watch part one now, part two coming in the fall.


Coyote Creek has extensive experience using Opsgenie, and we’ve developed a methodology that works.

  • What Opsgenie is
  • How Opsgenie changes incident management
  • How Coyote Creek uses Opsgenie to run escalations
  • How Opsgenie integrates with other apps and programs
  • And more…


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Incident Management: A Tale of Two Approaches

Incident Management: A Tale of Two Approaches

Whether your system will be a help or a hindrance as you attempt to resolve the problem depends a lot on the type of incident management processes and procedures you have in place.   Read On

Slack and Opsgenie can Improve Operational Effectiveness

Slack and Opsgenie can Improve Operational Effectiveness

When there’s no break room in which to gather and talk things over, having a great communications system in place is vital. Read on…

Why I Love Opsgenie for Incident Management

Why I Love Opsgenie for Incident Management

Back in 2014, I was first introduced to Opsgenie, the modern incident management platform for operating always-on services. As the Lead System Administrator, it was love at first sight! …read more

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At Coyote Creek we’re all about technology, but we know it’s the human connection that makes the difference in all that we do.

Webinar Lead By

Aaron Geer- Cloud Services Manager

For nearly two decades Coyote Creek’s clients have benefited from Aaron Geer’s ability to combine business knowledge with technical expertise. For his first 12 years with the firm Aaron served as a Systems Engineer, handling design, architecture and implementation projects for enterprise deployments.

Since 2012 Aaron has focused on systems operations as the Manager of Coyote Creek’s 24x7x365 Cloud Services practice (formerly called Remote Monitoring and Management). Aaron’s responsibilities including managing the team and business, assisting with incident management and ensuring there are no gaps in the solutions that our project teams provide. When not at the office Aaron keeps busy playing sports, cheering on his five kids in their sports activities, and traveling.


Brandon White –  Sr. Cloud Services Engineer

From electronic communications to network management and systems administration, much of Brandon White’s career in both in the U.S. Army and the private sector has focused on keeping systems running and data protected. He first started using Opsgenie around five years ago, when he was the Lead System Administrator at a health data management company. As the primary technician responsible for restoring services and communicating with stakeholders when everyone else was in a panic, he was immediately impressed with the way that Opsgenie consolidates everything and simplifies incident management.

Having presented hundreds of classes, Brandon is also an extremely experienced instructor. When not at work, Brandon enjoys sports, traveling and having fun with his wife and four kids.


Neivath Cheung –  Sr. Cloud Services Engineer

With over 11 years of Systems Administration experience under his belt, Senior Systems Engineer Neivath Cheung has seen—and addressed—it all, from a one-mailbox outage that only affected the CEO to a complete crash of a 5,000-user data center. For the past five years Neivath has been a key member of Coyote Creek’s Cloud Services practice (formerly called Remote Monitoring and Management). In addition to preventing and resolving systems issues, he also specializes in automations, scripting and reports. Most recently Neivath has been on Coyote Creek’s Opsgenie implementation team, doing much of the back-end configuration work.

When not sitting behind a computer screen, Neivath takes every chance he can get to get out into the fresh air and sunshine to enjoy hiking, fishing, gardening or golf.

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