Resolve Your Nagging Issue


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It seems like there’s always a nagging issue in every IT environment that’s driving everyone crazy. Maybe you have a hybrid Exchange/Office 365 deployment, and the directories just aren’t syncing up. Perhaps your Exchange mailbox archiving isn’t working right, a SharePoint site refuses to display correctly, or your Executive Admins can’t get their copies of the Executives’ Outlook calendars to sync with what the Executives are seeing.

Whatever is going on, if the problem has something to do with Exchange, SharePoint, Enterprise Vault, SQL Server, Active Directory, Atlassian tools or your network devices, Coyote Creek has got your back.

Just give us a call and mention this offer, and one of the Senior Engineers at our Silicon Valley Network Operations Center will spend up to 4 hours troubleshooting and fixing the problem for you. All absolutely free.*

*Offer expires May 10th, and is available by invitation only.


We’d like to introduce you to Coyote Creek’s 24/7/365 Remote Monitoring and Management service. A great way for you to experience the value that our deep bench of expertise brings is through a little “free sample” that will resolve an ongoing problem for you.

Of course, Coyote Creek’s Remote Monitoring and Management team is known for discovering and resolving problems long before end users even suspect something is wrong. So if you should decide to put this full suite of managed services for Microsoft, Enterprise Vault and Atlassian applications in place, you’ll be able to relax knowing a team of experts is working round the clock to maximize your system’s uptime and keep your environment highly available and running well.

To learn more about our Remote Monitoring and Management service, click here or contact sales, at 408.383.9200 Ext.2 or

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Resolve Your Nagging Issue